Some photos...

Hey guys,
(is anyone actually sick and tired of this welcome? Just wondering...)

I recently got a new lens for my camera.
(Camera: Canon 1100D | new lens: Sigma 70-300mm)

And since this lens is something completely new for me I had to practice (I still need to!) and get used to it.

So whenever I got the chance to, I took my camera with me and basically took pictures of everything that crossed my way.

This post is actually a bit "off-topic" but I just felt the need to share those pictures. 

Let me know what you think about the pictures. :)

x Vanessa


  1. The pictures are great for still-having-to-get-used-to-the-new-lens! I especially like the one of your dog, the one of the house with the star string lights and the one with the birdcages. By the way, what kind of lens is it?

    1. Thank you a lot! : ) My dog is such a model, isn't he? :D Haha.
      It's the 70-300mm by Sigma, so it's basically for the times you need a good zoom. Also great for portraits, landscapes and concerts. (Not sure about the last one, though. Need to test that. :D) x

    2. Okay, that's great. :) Probably also a good lens for trips to the zoo. I use my telephoto lens mostly for the zoo, actually :D But I never dare to take my DSLR with me to a concert, a) because without a flash it doesn't take the best photos, also because of my always shaky hands (worst thing to have as a photographer), and b) because once my digital camera broke at a concert because someone jumped on it after it fell out of my hands.

  2. lovely! would you like to follow each other? let me know!


Let me know what you think! :)