Random Playlist.

Hey guys,

over the past few months I figured out that most of you really enjoy my playlist posts. I got very positive comments, so why not keep this tradition going?

The one I want to post today is not under a specific theme like the ones I've posted before (Autumn Playlist | Spring Playlist) - so why not call it the "Random Playlist".

On this playlist you can find songs I've been enjoying a lot lately and felt like sharing with you. (Some of them are considered as "old songs" but you know, I don't really care about that.)

Here we go:

I Hope You Know - Jim Kroft
I remember hearing this song for the very first time in May last year at one of Jim's shows. Ever since that day the melody got stuck it my head so many times. I didn't mind though, because I really really love this song and the message it delivers.

Cruise - Florida Georgia Line
This song has been on the radio so often that I knew the lyrics without even trying to learn them. It's such a fun song which makes me want to roll my windows down and cruise. ;)

Disease - Livingston
This would be my favourite song by the wonderful band Livingston. When I heard it live I fell for it even more.

Who Says - John Mayer
John Mayer, do I have to say more? Talented man with incredible songs. 

Je Veux - Zaz

So this is a French song we used to sing during French lessons at school because my old teacher loved it loads. I'm so glad she helped us translate it! (This also has to be the only song I can sing along to in French...)

Another Love - Tom Odell
Discovered this guy while flipping through the channels. Such an incredible song! (Oh and Tom's voice is just perfect.)

Holdin' On - Rooney
One of my favourite bands ... one of the greatest songs. 

Hurricane - Go Long (!)
This song makes me incredibly happy and I don't even know why. But it's great!  

Lego House - Ed Sheeran
My favourite ginger musician. Ok, I don't know a lot of ginger heads but even if I did, he'd still be my favourite.

I have been invited to see Milow in concert twice last year and had an absolutely good time. The feeling when the whole crowd sang along to this song was just so beautiful.

Ain't It Fun - Paramore
This is the newest song on this whole playlist and it's just great. I've been told that the new Paramore album is not as appreciated as the older ones but I just don't get why. 

Turn Your Face - Little Mix
Those of you who follow me on Twitter already know how much I love Perrie Edwards voice. Listening to this song also made me love the other girls loads. This song makes me want to cry because you can definitely hear the emotions in the girls' voices.

One Way Or Another - One Direction
I know, I know - not all to many of my readers like One Direction, but I really do. Of course not all of their songs are super duper deep but that doesn't change the facts that they are some really talented and inspiring lads. 

People - watch out for Leslie Clio. She's young, she's fresh, she's funny and she has an incredible voice! I like this song a lot because I can relate to it. And because it's just beautiful. (Can not wait to see her live in concert in exactly one week!) 

Tides - Martin and James
What would a playlist be without my favourite band on it? Yeah, that'd be really weird. 

Ok, that's it for this playlist. I really suggest checking out the songs, they're all linked so saying "it was too complicated to search for the songs" is not an excuse for lazy people! ;)

Let me know what songs you've been listening to lately.

x Vanessa


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