Interview: The Cape Race

image: The Cape Race Facebook | photographer: Duncan Howsley

A day at the beach: the waves crash against the rocks,
the sky colours the water light blue,
people lay in the sun and relax,
children run around and collect sea shells,
couples walk along the beach,
a family takes pictures for the family albums,

a few people build a house.
A house in the sand.
And as they build it, they talk about things,
things that go on in their lives.
And you are invited to listen to them.

Hey guys,
it's time for a nice interview again.
This time Matt from The Cape Race sat down and answered my question.

The Cape Race is a rock band from Manchester, consisting of David Moloney (vocals), Matt Sayward (guitar), Adam Lewis (bass, vocals), Scott Perkins (guitar) and Jonny Davis (drums)

(To read more about them click here.)

Now see what the guitarist Matt told me about songwriting, getting ideas at 4am, their bucket list and more. 

house in the sand: So, we already know when you started making music together (September 2009), but how did you start? Did you know each other before?

The Cape Race: We actually started off together awhile before that - four out of five of us used to have another band called The Honeymoon Suite. We wanted to do something new; we outgrew the genre we started off in and so we started a brand new band and roped in an old friend of mine (Adam) to play bass.

house in the sand: You write your music on your own, what is the songwriting process like? Do you write the lyrics first or do you start with the melody? Or is the no process at all and things come out of the blue?

The Cape Race: Things honestly come out of the blue. It tends to be that I have a riff I come up with that I like, and then I try and figure out what it's most appropriate to be; whether that's an intro, a chorus, a verse etc. Then the rest comes fairly easily from there. It's just getting the first building block that can be the hard part! 

image: The Cape Race Facebook | Duncan Howsley

 house in the sand: Being a songwriter myself I know lyrics or melodies can come to your mind when you least expect it. For example at 4am when you’re desperately trying to sleep. Did you experience that, too? What was the most random time / place your music mind took over?

The Cape Race: I've definitely gotten out of bed at 4am with something looping over and over in my head and plugged into Logic with my headphones on! The most annoying thing that can happen is that you'll hit on something in the middle of the day when you can't do anything about it; when you're at work or out with friends or something. Though I'll admit it's not as bad as it used be with an iPhone in my pocket... thank God for Voice Notes and the GarageBand app! We just started writing for what will follow the album down the road and I actually put most of a song down on the GarageBand app on a Tube journey in London. Crazy what you can do nowadays.

house in the sand: For your career – what is on your bucket list? Do you dream of playing at Madison Square Garden or would you like to work with someone specific?  

The Cape Race: For the longest time, I've just wanted to release an album. Any bands I've been in before have been all singles, demos and EP's... there's something of statement and bit romantic in releasing an album. It's like a little legacy you're leaving in the world. Fortunately, I'm ticking that off later on this year. I've always wanted to headline at the Apollo on Manchester, that would be insane.

house in the sand: Let’s think about what you already have achieved. What was your highlight?

The Cape Race: Considering that we're not very far down this road and yet to release our debut full-length, it's been an honour to have played so many sold-out shows. We've had some cool stuff happen from a press / industry point-of-view which to me is a vain point of validation that we're doing something right... seeing our name in the magazines I grew up reading and being on their cover CD's and et cetera is always wonderful.

image: The Cape Race Facebook | Duncan Howsley

house in the sand: A band can only be successful if the members work together, right? How would you describe each other?  
The Cape Race: Not to gush, but in David I get to share the stage and studio with one of my favourite lyricists, one the most rock-solid drummers I've ever seen play in Jonny, one of the most versatile and creative bassists in Adam, and one of the most astute songwriters I've ever known in Scott. The fact that they're my best friends is a bonus.

house in the sand: What are your plans for the future?

The Cape Race: To release the album, to write another, release another, and to play shows where people want to see us. In whatever order it falls to be appropriate.

 house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: We are The Cape Race and we …

The Cape Race: ... came to write the music we wanted to hear someone playing. We hope that you like it too.

house in the sand: Is there anything else you want the house in the sand readers to know?

The Cape Race: If you're not familiar with us, I want you to go to and spend awhile becoming familiar. If you are familiar with us and you like what we do and you're excited for the album, I want you to know that your excitement is not misplaced. It's the work of our lives to date, and we're very proud of it.

At this point I'd like to thank Matt (and the rest of the band of course) for answering my questions! I can't wait for the new album so I'm pretty sure we'll work together again. :)

Now it's your turn to get in touch with Matt & his band mates:

I hope you enjoyed the interview!

x Vanessa


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