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image: Cat Meat Facebook

Hey guys,

today we have a premiere on HITS: I'm going to introduce you to a band. Nothing new, right. But the band is a country band!

And the band is called: Cat Meat.

The band formed in Summer 2011 in the city I love the most - London, UK.

Cat Meat consists of:

- Phil Rogers (vocals, guitar)
- Ian Olney (guitar, bass, banjo)
- Barney Bodoano (guitar, harmonica, drums)

Besides these three gentlemen there are auxiliary members who contribute from time to time. In general the whole band knows how to multitask and often uses these skills.

Cat Meat is not a completely country-ish band since each member has own influences and brings them into the band.

Phil keeps it classy with alt-country and rock, Ian brings the punk sounds into the band and thanks to Barney's love for the pre-war splendor of Mississippi it all sums up perfectly.

image: Cat Meat Facebook

On 29th October 2012 the guys released their self-titled debut album which contains eleven catchy songs. 
The variety of songs and sounds is as surprising as the fact that you can download the album for free - HERE.
(They even put the lyrics there so you can sing along perfectly! Isn't that just lovely?)

You can listen to my favourite songs, "Dresden Street Reckless", right here.

Londoners, you are lucky to have this band in your city. Use your luck and go see them live.

I personally have been looking for country bands for a very long time now. It seems like many country acts loose their country sound these days so Cat Meat came and saved me.

To talk to the guys, follow these links:

Now put your cowboy boots on, saddle your horse and listen to that country band.

x Vanessa

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  1. i listen it right now, SO PERFECT <3
    beautiful voice :)



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