EP Review: "Thickets" by Thickets

Band: Thickets
Title: Thickets
Genre:  Alt-Folk
Label: independent
Release: 31st March 2014
hits rating: 8/10

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  Thickets is an alt-folk trio from London, England
Influenced by artists and bands like Nick Cave and Arcade Fire the three draw feelings of revenge and regret into their music.

The band consists of:
Rebecca Lavery (vocals, autoharp)
Allanah Secis (cello, vocals)
Kieran Lavery (drums)

1) Lullaby
2) Diana
3) Come Home 

Recorded at the Urchin Studios in London, where artists like Jim Kroft and Ben Barritt also recorded their releases, the band created a slighty mysterious and really interesting EP.

Opener "Lullaby" stands out because of the really clever and well thought use of a cello.

In fact the cello and autoharp are the two main instruments that make their sound what it is.
The drum beats support the mystic feeling and give it the necessary grip.

"Diana" bursts into an up beat, up tight and exciting yet melodic sound, which, again, is mostly created by cello and autoharp, and then floats into a lighter melody. The very feminine vocals lead the track, the drum beat make it a great one to listen to.

In "Come Home" you will soon notice the layered vocals, which were recorded live with the help of loop pedals. The vocals melt together and you can't tell if Rebecca and Allanah both sing the lead vocals, or if one lady does the backing.
A very catchy and intense verse starts off acapella and then builds up into a full instrumental towards the end.

To sum it up - this is music you probably haven't heard that way yet. Melodic, light but still deep, intelligent and passionate. Go have a listen, it will widen your horrizon.


You should listen to these tracks: Diana, Come Home

Thickets online:

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