Album Review: "Soul Searching" by Pete Lincoln

 Artist: Pete Lincoln
Title: Soul Searching
Genre: Acoustic
Label: stuff music records
Release: 31st January 2014
hits rating: 7/10

Hey guys,

Sir Cliff Richard, Tina Turner and Dannii Minogue - those are just a few of the artists Pete Lincoln has worked with.
He was leadsinger in the band Sailor (famous songs: "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "Glass Of Champagne), wrote for the band "S Club 7" and now he's bassist and front man of SWEET, the glam rock band.

Oh and today he releases his solo album "Soul Searching" and of course I'm going to review it.

1) All At Sea
2) Be My Witness
3) Wait Another Day
4) Let's Have An Argument
5) Jigsaw Man
6) Sometimes (In The Dead Of Night)
7) Sold My Soul
8) This Town
9) Soul Searching
10) Wish You Were Here
11) Low Maintenance
12) Drive
13) Be My Witness (solo)
14) This Town (solo)
15) Sometimes (In The Dead Of Night) (solo)
16) All At Sea (solo)

Opener and first single off of the album "All At Sea" happens to be a calm but clever acoustic track. Guitar, percussion and vocals are in the centre and this leads to a straight forward moving folk-ish song.
"Wait Another Day" get a bit more grip by the electric guitar and a supportive drum beat, together with "Sold My Soul" and "Low Maintenance" it represents the rockier and bluesier side of the album.

"Sometimes (In The Dead Of Night)", a beautiful ballad could potentially be the highlight of Pete's album. His soft yet slighty raspy voice is in the spotlight, complimented by an acoustic guitar and some sprinkles of an e-guitar. It's simple but genius.

The four solo tracks are definitely a great "goodie" for all acoustic lovers, including me. The songs are pure and simple. No effects, no lies - just honesty.

To sum it up: even though there are some up beat tracks on the album, it still has a rather calm and releaxing impact on me. The beats chuggle their way through the album and if you enjoy laid back tunes, you'll absolutely be satisfied with "Soul Searching".

You should listen to these tracks: All At Sea, Sometimes (In The Dead Of Night), all solo tracks

Pete Lincoln online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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