EP Review: "The Benefits Of A Downhill Paper Round" by The Ragamuffins

Band: The Ragamuffins
Title: The Benefits Of A Downhill Paper Round
Genre: Indie pop
Label: 7L Recordings
16th December 2013
hits rating: 8/10

Hey guys,

2013 has been a busy year for The Ragamuffins, a six piece band from Liverpool, England.
The indie pop band played lots of gigs, supported other Manchester bands, they even closed the Liverpool Music Awards launch night.

And they released an EP called "The Benefits Of A Downhill Paper Round", which I'm going to review today.

The band consists of:
David (guitar, vocals)
Xavi (drums)
Florin (trumpet, vocals
Ed (trombone, vocals)
Alex (bass)
Sam (keys, vocals)

1) Shoegazing
2) Fingernails & Fairytales
3) Declan, Put Your Dancing Shoes On
4) Eleven In The Afternoon
5) Something To Shout About

We've all heard indie pop before and some of us are fans, some aren't. 
Whether you are a fan or not, you should consider giving The Ragamuffins a chance.
The indie pop definition just helps to orientate but really the band offers a bigger sound.

"Shoegazing" already mixes pop and rock elements. The trumpet and trombone give it more grip and add a little jazzy feeling.
The lead vocals get amazing support from backing vocals which harmonize perfectly and frame the song.

"Declan, Put Your Dancing Shoes On", people - even if your name isn't Declan - please make sure to put those dancing shoes on, you'll need them. 
A slightly burning guitar solo towards the end gives the song a lot of attitude and sparkle.

Smooth and swinging - that's how I'd describe "Something To Shout About". Sure, again the trombone and trumpet have a big impact on the atmosphere but also
the warm and souly vocals definitely help to please the listeners. A straight forward moving drum beat and nice guitar riffs tie it up with a bow.

To sum it up, there are only 5 songs on this EP but still the band managed it to create a huge variety of elements and keeps you entertained throughout the entire collection of songs. Thumbs up!

You should listen to these tracks: Shoegazing, Declan Put Your Dancing Shoes On, Something To Shout About

The Ragamuffins online:


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