Interview: The GoAround

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The GoAround is a duo from Pennsylvania, US consisting of Alexander and Anthoney Saddic.
Since 2006 the band plays pop/alt-rock music inspired by things going on in their lives.
After many member switches the two still keep going and plan to continue like that.

In the interview Alex and Anthoney shared their new year's resolutions and talk about fans, their album and a lot more.

house in the sand: Hi The GoAround, first of all - Happy New Year! Do you have any new year's resolutions for the band?
The GoAround:
Yeah! Of course we do!

house in the sand: Can you please share some of them?

The Go Around: One huge thing is that we spend a lot of time working our day jobs in the metal shop in order to keep the band running (PR/gas money/printing CDs and Merch/Legal things...etc...). We really want to make an effort this year to put out a lot more material and to do more thing within the band to make it more self-sufficient to keep the band afloat!

house in the sand: You have a loyal fan base in your area, but which citiest/countries would you like to transform into The GoAround fans?
The GoAround:
We would love to be the type of band whose music is a household standard around the world. That may be a lot to ask for, but we believe that aiming high is essential to success.

house in the sand: How would you describe your sound to people who are not familiar with it?
The GoAround:
Our music is a blend of pop and bluesy rock. We often tell people that our usage of piano puts us in a similar musical vein to Coldplay and The Fray, although we are somewhat more energetic than either of those bands.

house in the sand: Your debut album Re-Stating The Question includes 12 songs. Where did you record them? How long did the process from demos to finished products take?
The GoAround:
This album in particular took longer than most for quite a few reasons. Most of these songs were written in my early high school years and were included on an album that we recorded in our basement entitled "Lifeboat". We decided to redo the entire album (hence the name Re-Stating The Question) in a professional studio, but after butting heads with a producer for a while, we ended up recording in our basement once again. This album was recorded on much nicer equipment and with much more recording experience than the previous one, and it certainly shows.

house in the sand: What is the most meaningful track off of it?
The GoAround: This question is always hard to answer because the answe is sensitive to time for both of us. The meaning of these songs range from materialism to relationships, to bullying and even questioning religion. Natureally, the songs that are most important to us change with the things that we are currently experiencing! I would say though that more times than not "When I Hit The Bottom" resonates with both of us because of it's universal nature. Feeling uncertain and fearful of things to come is incredibly common and can happen in a variety of situations, making that song easy to relate to and often comforting to play.

house in the sand: And now ... I have to be nosey - what inspired it?
The GoAround: "When I Hit The Bottom" was written in the midst of a deep period of depression and uncertainty towards the end of my time in high school. I was facing a lot of judgment and backlash based on my decision not to apply for college, many members of the band were thinking about leaving and I had just broken up with a girl I had been with for over 5 years. In the midst of many extreme emotions, I was struggling very hard to envision how I was going to move forward in order to make a future for myself doing something that made me happy. The song is sort of an anonymous plea for vision and hope in a time of overall uncertainty.

house in the sand: There were a lot of changes in the band ever since the beginning in 2006. How was that for you? Was it hard to keep going and holding onto it?
The GoAround: It was never hard for us to keep going because neither one of us could ever imagine life without the band, but it certainly gets stressful (to put it lightly) trying to find the right musicians to play with.

house in the sand: Besides The GoAround - what other band should we keep an eye (and ear) on? Do you have any tips for us?
The GoAround: We play a lot with a band from Philly called "Maitland", and they seem to be doing very well lately. We love those guys and they make wonderful music. I'd definitely suggest keeping an eye on them!

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: We are The GoAround and we ...
The GoAround: ... love making music more than anything in the world! We want to express our appreciation for everybody who has supported us and listened to our music in order to allow us to continue doing so!

house in the sand: Thanks a lot for taking time to answer the questions!
The GoAround:
It's our pleasure!

And with that being said we're done.
I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did.

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