EP Review: "Me & You" by Marcas O'hUigin

Artist: Marcas O'hUigin
Title: Me & You
Genre:  Acoustic
Label: independent
Release: December 2013
hits rating: 7/10

Hey guys,

a little while ago Marcas O'hUigin contacted me and asked if I could review his EP called "Me & You".
I always listen to the music before I reply, to make sure I can write about it.

Realizing the music would definitely fit in the house in the sand music, I agreed and had a little chat with Marcas.
He's a singer/songwriter from Belfast, UK and writes, sings and plays acoustic music.

I'm happy to be the first blogger to review his music and share it with you.

I always knew that there's a lot of thought behind songs (in most cases) but the way Marcas writes and records his music really got me.

1) She's In My Heart
2) Me and You
3) I Don't See You Anymore

Opener "She's In My Heart" is about his wife, who, according to the lyrics, has to be an absolutely wonderful woman. 
It was recorded in one take and therefore the guitar and vocals are in the centre of the song. The peaceful melody and the calm and soft vocals melt together and definitely reflect a warm, loving feeling.
 Light backing vocals and a relaxed drum beat complete the song and help it with being a lovely ballad.

"Me & You", this title may sound like another love song, but it's not. It is about a relationship break-up seen from the perspective of a man. 
The strong start of the song represents the masculinity and how the guy thinks he can handle the break-up. 
Marcas told me about the purpose behind the beat fading away and coming back again but how it ends up silent. It basically reflects the feelings of hope and reality kicking back in.
The chorus in "I Don't See You Anymore" has a very familiar touch to me. I constantely feel like I have heard the song before, but I really haven't.
Something is a bit obvious, the rest is rather mysterious.
You can easily find yourself humming along to the rather catchy sound of it. It's a good one!

To sum it up: You can entitle this EP as something honest and heartfelt. And of course as selfmade. The passion and love behind it is so real and that reflects through the music.

You should listen to these tracks: She's In My Heart, I Don't See You Anymore


Marcas O'hUigin online: Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!


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