Interview + Song Of The Day: Forever Cult

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today it's time for another interview and a Song Of The Day combined.

 Forever Cult celebrate their release of their song "Suntrap" and what better topic to talk about than a fresh released single could you have for an interview?

The band is:
Kieran (lead vocals, guitar)
Alex (bass)

Snowy (drums)

The alternative rock band based in West Yorkshire, UK took some time to talk about their favourite band moment, gigs, the human head and a lot more.

house in the sand: To get started - could you please tell us how you got together as a band?
Snowy: The band has been going for a couple of years now, originally as a two piece with Kieran writing and recording demos in his bedroom.
Alex: We've been in our current form, as a three piece, since Kieran and Snowy came to record the debut EP, Fuxx, with me at Peak Studios. I was producing the record and ended up playing bass on it and it went from there really.

house in the sand: What was your favourite moment as a band so far?
Alex: For me, it was the EP launch. It was great to get our favourite bands together and fill out our favourite boozer. It felt like it all came together.
Kieran: Playing with Eagulls was really coo too.
Snowy: And signing with Clue Records. It means we can keep trying to do what we want to do and release what we want to.
Alex: And playing with the Hoosiers. And Scott Mills DJ'd afterwards as well. It was magical, as I'm sure you can imagine.

house in the sand: Let's talk a bit about your single "Suntrap": what is the story behind it?
N/A.... haha. No - it's just a song about a boy and girl, like the rest of them. Aren't they all?
house in the sand: And what was recording it like?
Alex: It was a little different to how we did Fuxx. I produce everything myself, but this one started off as a demo we recorded in my living room. We wrote it and put it together in a few hours. Kieran did one vocal take and I knew it was the one. I went out of the way to base the final recording of it around that take and we went into the studio and built around that vocal.

house in the sand: Life woud be easier if?
Kieran: Chocolate was a valid form of currency. And if buses were 4-wheel drive.
Alex: Actually... are they?

house in the sand: As a band you probably love performing on stage. But what about going to gigs? Can we spot you in the crowd every now and then?
Alex: Absolutely. I've always been a regular gig go-er in Leeds. I've seen some amazing bands over the years... like watching This Et Al and Forward Russia in 2005 and the likes of That Fucking Tank at The Brudenell (it doesn't get better than that). There's some great stuff coming out again as always like Hookworms and Eagulls.
Snowy: Brawlers, Menace Beach, King No-One... some of our favourite bands that are doing well at the moment. Leeds is ace.
Kieran: Healing Powers and, obviously our Clue Records label buddies AllUsOnDrugs and NARCS.

house in the sand: Do you prefer buying records in the shop or downloading them on iTunes/Amazon, etc?
Alex: Try to buy vinyl as much as possible. It's the only real format left. There's nothing like holding it in your hand.

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: We are Forever Cult and we ...
Forever Cult: ... are handsome.

house in the sand: Is there anything else you would like the house in the sand readers to know?
Kieran: The human head weighs 8 pounds. I read it. I promise.

And now that you got to know the band it bit better, check out their newest release "Suntrap" and make sure to watch the music video here on house in the sand.


Forever Cult online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud


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