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music submissions are my favourite kind of emails. 
I love discovering new music and the fact that people (crazily talented people, to be exact) email me just makes it so much easier.

The musician you will get to know today is Robin Crosbie also known as adullboy, an acoustic singer/songwriter from Scotland.
You can read everything you'd need to know about him down below and also find videos and links.
I hope you enjoy!

Who are you?
I am Robin Crosbie, performing for last ten or so months as 'adullboy'.

How would you describe your music?
In a word, 'honest!'. You can probably hear some Kinks-esque pop in there, some folk, some country... I used to try to write in a specific style, but the 'adullboy' stuff is all unfiltered, very truthful.
I was recently described by Lach (founder of the Anti Folk movement, a classical pianist who turned his back on Beethoven when he heard the Sex Pistols, fostered acts including Beck, Regina Spektor and the Moldy Peaches) as "pure anit-folk goodness", which was great.

What does music mean to you?
It's simply something that I can't not do. I do find it cathartic but I do it really because I must.

Is there a reason why you started making music?
I skipped around a lot of different things when I was younger, from bagpipes to martial arts and everywhere in between. Looking back I was looking for my "things" I suppose.
The guitar has always just felt "right" in my hands, although early on it was very hard work... I wasn't lucky enough to be a natural when it came to playing.

What have your released? What have you coming up?
I released a DIY EP which featured three semi-polished demos called 'Local Zero' which sold out almost instantly, and have recently been involved in a local collective Les Frites Petites, releasing a compilation (Vol1) and a charity Christmas EP.
The goal is to try to get a solid release of something out before the end of march. (My 1 year anniversary performing), and I am working with some of the collective & some friends to make that happen.

And that's it. Here's a YouTube playlist of some videos, feel free to click through it. :)


adullboy online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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