EP Review: "Not Enough Miles" by Rosco McCabe

Artist: Rosco McCabe
Title: Not Enough Miles
Genre: Folk
Label: independent
Release: 9th January 2014
hits rating: 9/10

Hey guys,

if you're looking for talented musicians I can totally recommend searching them in Scotland. 
The amount of Scottish musicians featured on house in the sand is pretty impressive and what's even more impressive is their talent.

And so is Rosco McCabe's talent. 
The folk singer/songwriter from Coatbridge, residing in Manchester, just released his debut EP called "Not Enough Miles".
Rosco has been writing and gigging for years but used to record his tracks in his bedroom.
This EP is the first one he recorded in a proper studio, the songs are inspired by things that just happen in life.

The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, John Martyn and a lot more are the artists who influence Rosco the most.

1) Not Enough Miles
2) Invisible
3) High Street Low

After a few seconds of a light guitar sound opener "Not Enough Miles" has offer, the first thing you will notice is Rosco's raspy yet gentle voice.

The song gets more grip by a soft beat, multiple layered vocals in the chorus and light backing vocals.
It will wrap you around its fingers and soothingly pat your back.

"Invisible" is also guitar and voice focused, and that is absolutely great.
 A slightly bluesy guitar riff keeps the melody interesting and alive. And again Rosco's voice could be entitled as the highlight of the song; supported by light backings it controls the rather mysterious atmosphere of the song which gives you enough space for your own thoughts and emotions.

"High Street Low" is the heaviest track of the EP. The song includes piano parts and a drum beat which perfectly fit in the folk sound and give it a rock-ish vibe

It shows that there is an edgier side of Rosco McCabe and that he's more than just an acoustic singer. Yeah really, the folk-rock/alternative elements suit him well.

To sum it up: The "Not Enough Miles" EP leaves you craving for more of the rare folk sound and the raspy vocals. Just listen while not doing anything else and just enjoy the music.

(You can thank me later, it's ok.) ;)

You should listen to these tracks: Not Enough Miles, High Street Low


Rosco McCabe online: Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

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