Album Review: "Talk Back Baby" by Honeybone

Band: Honeybone
Title: Talk Back Baby
Genre: Rock
Release: 18th October 2013
hits rating: 8/10

Hey guys,

rock'n'roll! Oh how I love it!
Needless to say I'm stupidly excited about presenting todays review.  

Honeybone, a rock band from Melbourne, Australia, released their debut album in October last year.

The band formed in May 2009, influenced by bands like the White Stripes and Wolfmother.
As a three piece consisting of drums, guitars, bass and vocals, Honeybone developed an original live set.

The band consists of:
Rachel Trainor (drums, vocals, percussion)
Peter Jermakov (bass, backing vocals)
Drew Handcock (vocals, guitar, keyboards

1) Talk Back Baby
2) Quit Your Cryin'
3) Can't Feel Your Love
4) Edge Of The Sun
5) Don't Need You
6) Down Into My Grave
7) My Black Heart
8) Down My Rhode
9) Outta Time
10) Touch The Sky
11) Espionage

With their debut album "Talk Back Baby" the band makes sure to take rock music to another level. 

If opener and title track "Talk Back Baby"  doesn't already gets you into the rock'n'roll mood, then I don't know what will.
A soaring guitar riff combines with the controlling bass and drum beats and the vocals almost shout rock'n'roll! 

Air guitarists have their big moment during a burning guitar solo. 

The change between male and female vocals give the songs some extra surprise effects, you just don't know what you'll get. (Unless you've already listen ten times to each track like I did ... then you know.)

Speaking of the vocals; both - female and male - absolutely work well together, they also totally express the rock sound they are going for.

"Don't Need You" starts off by bursting into some, I wouldn't say choir, but group vocals, and then flows into a super rockish track.

While "Outta Time" already kicks in with an absolutely controlling drum beat.

To sum it up: If you love rock music, you want to listen to this. The quite movable instrumentals highlight each song on it's own, the vocals fit, the songs just get you. 
You should listen to these tracks: Talk Back Baby, Don't Need You, Outta Time

Honeybone online:


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