Artist overview of 2013

 Hey guys,

this is officially the last post of 2013. It's the 176th I wrote in that year and it's an overview of all artists I've featured and worked with this year.

I thought it would be quite nice to list all of them again so you can scroll through and check those out you missed. 

The list is in the order I featured the musicians. You can find the genres in brankets next to the artist/band and if you click their names you will be lead to the article (which includes songs and links) about them.

Martin and James (acoustic/folk pop)
Jim Kroft (rock)
Michele Fasciano (electronic)
Go Long (!) (acoustic)
Douglas Dare (indie)
Lions and Weasels (acoustic)
Litvinenko (indie)
museum (rock)
Cat Meat (country)
KOBI (pop)
Richie Ashwin (ambient)
20 Riverside (funk)
The Bedroom Hour (alternative)
Matt Swift (acoustic)
The Bora (alternative)
The Plea (rock)
Wullae Wright (indie)
Tom Odell (pop)
Tom Mitchell (acoustic)
JprodD (rap)
Dennis McCalmont (acoustic)
Ambrose Chappel (electronic)
iKashflo (electronic)
Lizabett Russo (acoustic)
Gilded Bones (folk)
The Box Tiger (indie)
Claudia Heidegger (acoustic)
Emine (jazz)
Richard Walters (acoustic)
Mark Mathews (indie)
Best Not Broken (alternative)
Nina Baker (pop)
Adam Barnes (folk)
Eutopia (electronic)
Ben Barritt (acoustic)
Greg McEvoy (folk)
NARCS (alternative)
The Assist (alternative)
elias (pop)
Tyler Ward (pop)
decoded (rock)
Western Jaguar (ambient)
Hey Bulldog (rock)
Cold Summer (hard core)
byebye (pop)
Winter In Toronto (acoustic)
Kosi (blues)
Crash Island (indie)
Liam McClair (acoustic)

And that's it. Crazy to see all acts listed.

Here's a little note to all of you artists:
It's been an absolute pleasure to work with you and I'm really glad I got to support your talent. At this point I just want to point out how hard the most of you work and how inspiring that is to see.
It means a lot to get to peak behind the scenes and to have your trust when sending me unreleased music.

Another thing I'm really happy about is the fact that a lot of you became a bit more than just work partners because of the lovely chats we had.
(Facebook - we owe that to you!)

I can't wait to see what you're up to in 2014 and hope our ways will cross again. :)

Thank you all very much!

To artists, managements, labels, READERS and friends - have a wonderful last day of 2013 and let's all make 2014 a year to remember. We can do it!


  1. What an amazing list of bands!!! Fantastic blog, keep up the great work. :) x

    1. Thank you! This means a lot! I'll try my very best to make it even better work. :) x

  2. wow, what a list! I hope 2014 is going to be just as amazing for you and house in the sand! Biggest hug!

    1. Thank you very much, Jana. I'll be working a lot harder in 2014 and hopefully have a good year. Of course I wish the exact same thing for you and I hope we can meet up one day! HUUUUUUUUUG <3 x


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