Album Review: "Midnight Memories" by One Direction

Band: One Direction
Title: Midnight Memories
Genre: Pop
Label: Syco Music/Sony Music
Release: 25th November 2013
hits rating: 7/10

Hey guys,
well what can I say? Today is probably the day some of you are going to start disliking me for reviewing a very mainstream album.

But I got this CD in the mail and what is in the mail is going to be on the blog. (Unwritten hits rule!)
One Direction - pretty much one of the biggest bands right now - just released their third studio album called "Midnight Memories".
Starting out on the British XFactor as five individuals the boys got thrown together by Simon Cowell (or was it Nicole Scherzinger? We'll never know!) and so the band was born.

Fun fact - they didn't even win the XFactor but so far played Madison Square, won tons of awards and even more hearts of little ladies.

1D are:
Louis Tomlinson
Zayn Malik
Liam Payne
Harry Styles
Niall Horan
Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall (left to right) | image: Sony Music Press
The boys released their debut "Up All Night" in 2011, "Take Me Home" followed in 2012 and now they're here with "Midnight Memories", the third longplayer.


1) Best Song Ever
2) Story Of My Life
3) Diana
4) Midnight Memories
5) You & I
6) Don't Forget Where You Belong
7) Strong
8) Happily
9) Right Now
10) Little Black Dress

11) Through The Dark
12) Something Great
13) Little White Lies
14) Better Than Words

Opener "Best Song Ever" is exactly that kind of song you'd expect a boy band like One Direction to sing: it's a catchy pop song with pretty simple lyrics. Every boy has his own part, the chorus is sung together. Not the biggest deal.

Follow up "Story Of My Life" already changes the pop sound we're all used to.

 Sure, I'd still put this under pop when it comes to genres but there are differences - this song is a lot more mature. Soft guitars, percussion and a lot of harmonies show that there is more than just the catchy stuff.

Even some bits of rock shimmer through. Title track "Midnight Memories" offers a rather rockish side: melodic guitar riffs combined with claps, a cheering multiple layered chorus and quite raspy and energetic vocals. 

Flipping through the writing credits you quickly notice that all of the boys co-wrote, especially Louis and Liam. Also Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) and Ryan Tedder (One Republic) were involved in the writing process. 

The group sounds a lot more comfortable on these songs and it seems like the pop-rock sound is what they really enjoy and want to do.

To sum it up: I'd say the album is their best one so far. It shows how their voices have been underestimated due to the rather childish pop tunes they've been singing before. (No offense!)
It's a good album you can definitely listen to. Enjoyable instrumentation, great voices and let's be honest - what's wrong with some bits of catchy music every now and then?

You should listen to these tracks: Story Of My Life, Midnight Memories, Happily

One Direction online:

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  1. Ich habe mir die Band vorher nie angehört, aber die klingen wirklich ganz gut. Aber die kreischenden Teenies schrecken ziemlich ab. :D

    1. Da muss ich dir in gewisser Weise total recht geben! Fans können das Image der Band wirklich zerstören, jetzt nicht nur im One Direction Fall. Aber die Platte ist echt angenehm, danke fürs Kommentieren! :)

    2. Die kleinen Ladies sollten sich Jungs in ihrem Alter suchen und Groupie sein. Ist irgendwie schade bei solchen Bands.


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