EP Review: "Strange Shores" by Crash Island

Band: Crash Island
Title: Strange Shores
Genre: Indie Rock
Label: independent
Release: 23rd September 2013
hits rating: 9/10

Hey guys,

Crash Island is an indie rock band from London, with members from Spain, France, Wales and even South Africa.
The four piece band released their debut EP "Strange Shores", which I'm going to review today. 

So far Crash Island played gigs in France, Switzerland, of course the UK and in my home country, Germany.

Gizmo (vocals, guitar)

Jeremy (guitar, keyboard)
Jay (bass, keyboard)
Yusuf (drums, vocals)

1) Loved Ones

2) Let It Rain
3) Across The Skyline

They describe their sound as dark-tropical indie rock. I must agree but also add "energetic" and "expressive".

Opener "Loved Ones" mixes dashing guitar riffs with slightly electronic sounds. Vocals and backing vocals create a powerful scene which is emotional in a very energetic way.

"Let It Rain" begins with a soft, slightly laid back guitar melody but turns into a rather up beat song by the added straight forward marching drum beat.
The chorus gets quite catchy so be prepared to have this one stuck in your head.

"Across The Skyline" relays on the vocals and backing vocals great harmonies. It represents the dark and tropical elements and literally soaks you in. It's one of these songs that just catch your attention and captivate you.

To sum it up for you - this is an amazing example of what indie bands can do. It doesn't take a fancy major label to create music that's made for the mass. Crash Island is definitely a band to keep your eyes and ears on.

You should listen to these tracks: Loved Ones, Across The Skyline 

Crash Island online:


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