Best of 2013 on house in the sand

 Hey guys,

as I already mentioned in the last post I prepared a 2013 best of. 
I think since October or so I was desperately waiting to write such post. And today is the day! 

In 2013 I wrote 175 posts (including this one) for this site and it honestly amazes me that there are people who read them all. That's insane!

It was really hard to pick out a few favourites because behind each post there's a lot of time, thought and love. But I hope I did well picking some of the highlights - some are my personal ones and some got great feedback from you. 

Hope you enjoy this!
(To read the posts again simply click the picture of your choice and you'll be lead to the full article!)

I started of in January with a little photography post filled with pictures of my horse having fun in the snow. I just wanted to share pictures that made me happy.

In February the 55th Grammy Awards took place and I did some kind of review where I posted what stood out to me. It was a very spontaneous idea and lots of you loved it. Maybe I'll do something similar again.

On February 28th house in the sand celebrate its first birthday! This years birthday will be a lot bigger. Pinky promise! (insert evil grin here) 
March can be a quite boring month so why not plaster your hometown with tour posters?
April! Musikmesse Frankfurt! Got to do some cool press work there!

In May some of you teamed up with me and we created a big playlist consisting of your favourite songs. I loved working with my blog readers for this and think we should do it again!

Got press tickets for Tom Odell and enjoyed it. Took some pictures and chatted with Tom.
Jim Kroft in concert = energy and passion.

I got interviewed, for the very first time ever. And I loved it!!!

The brave guys from Shoot The Rabbit were my experiemental bunnies for a live email interview. And they took this lovely photo!

In August I reviewed what turned out to be my album of the year.

Met Martin and James for my first face to face interview and I think I could not have found anyone better to talk to. Thank you, you wonderful rockstars!

In May we talked about doing an interview, in October it happened. And the wait was worth it. Thanks Ben Barritt!

Spent two incredible days in Berlin! Saw my favourite musicians in concert.

And interviewed elias at very lovely restaurant.

My personal highlight of the year - interviewing Jim Kroft, Martin Kelly and James O'Neill together. I don't think any other interview will ever be as funny as this one.

Sony Music called - you can interview Tyler Ward!
Well it was not exactly like that but I interviewed the YouTube sensation.

"This is Martin and James for house in the sand blogspot" what a sentence. And they really said it.

I introduced my favourite little buddy - the polaroid camera.

Got to play 75 minutes of the music I love over at NewMusicFeverTV.

And just in December I interviewed The Arkanes and I think a lot of you enjoyed it.

And that's pretty much what happened in 2013 ...
It really means a lot to me what so many of you come over and check what I'm up to and what music I want to share with the world.

Let's see what 2014 holds. Hopefully lots of new music!

Thanks to everybody who made 2013's post happen. :)


Let me know what you think! :)