Photo Sunday: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Hey guys,
I guess it's not a secret anymore that I'm completely in love with polaroids.
I've had this addiction for so long .. I remember editing photos so they looked like polaroids but let me tell you - it's just not the same.
So getting a polaroid camera was the plan. And I got one at a flea market but the film was too old and didn't work anymore and I couldn't find a new one anywhere. One hell of a drama.

Somehow I found out about the Fujifilm Instant cameras and read a few reviews about the different editions they got.
I figured the instax mini 8 would be the best option for me.

It's a rather thin and small camera - compared to normal instant/polaroid cameras. 

The pictures are the size of credit cards.

Again - I chose this one because I knew I would travel a lot with it so the slim size is a big plus. If you prefer larger pictures I recommend checking out the Instax Wide or any of the other ones they have.

Another plus is that the cameras as well as the films are still being produced so there's no need to worry about not getting films.

Instant prints stand out!
Be prepared to have masses of people around you when you take a picture because these cameras tend to be a bit rarer than DSLRs nowawaday. I almost got mobbed when taking pictures at a gig once. 
(No need to mention the reactions of the once I took pictures of/with.)

Embrace imperfections!
Like photographing with every single camera on this planet it takes a bit of practise to get the best results. The con of an instant camera is that you can't delete the pictures.
But again that's what makes polaroids so special and interesting - barely none of them is perfect photography wise but to me these imperfections make the pictures charasmatic and give them that typical polaroid/retro touch.

 Here are a few examples, all taken in different lighting situations to show you multiple options.

The two pictures actually turned out exactly how I wanted them.
Left: super sunny day | right: rather dull light

Both taken indoors.
Left: at night time | right: during the day, with natural lighting

Both taken indoors, only light source was the club light.
Good enough for close ups, taken from a 1,5meter distance

And these are outtakes!
Left: taken outside, too bright and too close | right: taken in a club, too dark and too far away

 There is one thing that could be a reason not to get it - the film.
Well, the film costs to be exact. 
2 x 10 pictures are around 16-19 €/$ which is quite pricy. 

To me there's no better toy camera than this one. Size, quality and fun just brilliant and so this camera is one of the items I always carry around with me.
Absolutely worth it!

Thanks for reading! : )


  1. I really enjoyed reading this article! Your Polaroid camera is cool. I love its colour! x

    1. Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoy it! :) It's fun to take pictures with it. :) x

  2. Polaroids <3 I love them, too. But idk, I think the size of these photos would be too small for me. I might invest some research into the Instax Wide though :)

    1. Printed happiness, right? :) They are small but for some reason I really like that about them. I've heard good things about the Instax Wide so it should be worth a research. ;) It's just pretty big itself I guess.

  3. Just smile and magic is the rest :)

  4. My boyfriend bought this as one of my 21st birthday present, I absolutely love mine :D xx

  5. Also, I recommend you guys this 10 in 1 accessory for mini 8 camera, include bag,album,lens,frame,filter and so on,

  6. Hi, Thanks for the personal review on Instant Camera.I love it & I will buy these camera directly from fujifilm website.


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