Giveaway: Jim Kroft album

Hey guys,
oh my applepie it's giveaway time! Again!

This time I'm giving away a copy of Jim Kroft's second album "The Hermit & The Hedonist".
It's my favourite album of the three Jim released so far and that's a good reason to share it with you, right?

Also it's Christmas soon. That might be a good reason too!

To enter the giveaway here's what I'd like you to do:

- tell me (if anyone gets this reference - you rock!) your all time favourite albums. Can be one, can be more by leaving a comment.
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The giveaway ends on Sunday the 15th - 8pm German time.
Winner will be announced the next day.

Good luck everyone!!!

This giveaway was sponsored by the wonderful Jim Kroft. Thank you!


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  2. Easy thing to do... my all time favourite album is Midnight Hour's acoustic album. It's almost equally arranged as their debut album yet this time only with acoustic versions of their songs, additionally offers some newer song material too. The record is stunningly beautiful, mellow and pleasing in sonority, Brad's vocals have such warmth and emotion, resound vehemently and passionately, the light percussion on some of the songs excites and is evocative, stirring in resonance, whilst the whole instrumentation is spirited yet smooth in concept and sound. The lyrics, although most of them are love-centred, are deep ones and tell in a perceptive manner of dreams, hopes, ambition and, as mentioned already, love. It's inspiring and moving to listen to their music and since the live, acoustic versions of their compositions have been all I was able to listen to for the first years after I found out about Midnight Hour (their songs were only available to purchase at the band's live shows), I connected to their laid-back and 'pure' sound on a very deep level. Yet since I listen to quite a lot of music, I have to admit I've fallen for some other albums too, TiTORS iNSiGNiA's debut album 'Fair City Riots' for instance. I admire how the band managed it to create acoustic compositions of such intense, ardent and dynamic presence and resonance, how harmonically the compositional and tonal contrasts show – expressive, smooth at times rather sonorous and rapid melodies, laid-back, sensitive vocals, which charm through a rough, imbuing timbre and gain depth thereby, make for an intense, ambivalent listening experience. Furthermore, I've recently grown fond of Wullae Wright's latest album 'The Orange Line'. It's experimental music, music that grants and guarantees a suspenseful, hypnotising listening atmosphere: whilst Wullae's vocals – eccentric, melodic though in sound – remain as a guiding constant within all songs, the instrumental arrangement comes in as complex, audacious, exciting and challenging one. His songs are well thought out, multifarious and remarkable. Last but not least, I love listening to Thom Morecroft's debut album 'Something Shows', time after time. It presents serene, placid and melodically fluent songs of grand harmony, of lyrical depth, of those kind which makes the listener be completely lost in it, makes him fully and willingly indulge. The most striking about the album, about Thom's musicianship in general, are his exceptional vocals. The bear incredible volumne and range, striking variance. Even his timbre is multi-layered: at times strong, avid, passionate and sharp, at times mellow and melancholic. All of the musicians mentioned are favourites of mine for different reasons, still have common ground in presenting heartfelt, ellaborate and poignant music, music that strikes, stirrs, moves and mesmerizes.

    1. Oh me oh my! Nessi, if this comment you just wrote doesn't explain my love for your writing - then what does? I absolutely love how the passion you have for music just shines through your words. Thank you so much for sharing and I really understand your picks, especially the TiTORS iNSiGNiA album - it's brilliant!
      Again, thank you so much for taking time to write this comment. :) xxx

  3. Wow that's a wonderful giveaway!
    You ask something difficult (for me), Vanessa.. ♪ Tell meeeee where I should begin ♫.. This could be my answer!
    Well, as I found Jim Kroft through Martin and James, I will just say: the great and brilliant Martin and James' self-titled album and the no less great and brilliant Life’s a Show album :-)

    1. Thank you very much, it's sponsored by Mr Kroft so we owe that to him. :)
      I must say - my readers have a very good taste in music, really! :) x

  4. I can't really answer this... :D I love the music of Martin and James. I just got one album from my mom, and each time I hear their music, I just fall in love :3 But Jim Kroft is equal with his music to them. I think this album would be my next favourite one. I just love his music, because (I think I said this before :D ) it is so real and honest. That's music that I remember and want to listen to ;)

    1. Jim's music is definitely real and honest, just like Jim himself. And it makes me super happy to hear how many people enjoy and support his music because if somebody deserves it, it's Jim. Also I guess it's no secret that I quite like Martin and James, haha. I love your picks - good luck winning the album! :) x

  5. It's just always so, so hard to choose one's favourite albums. I mean, it always feels like disappointing the ones that aren't on the list, even though you love them just as much right now, but in one month's time you might love it less and another album may have taken its place. I'm going to try and be as fair as I can (please, other favourite albums, don't hit me if you don't make it :( ). Number one would probably be "Set Fire To Fire" by Livingston. Geez, I already feel like disappointing all their other albums and EPs, but well. I waited for this album for so long and I couldn't get it off repeat for so long and I just loved all of the songs so much. Next one: "Life's A Show" by - guess who - Martin and James. Same thing like Livingston - I love all their EPs and albums, but this one has "The Rope". I think that's enough said for you. My favourite Jim Kroft album would be "Lunatic Lullabies" because there are so many songs that speak to me with their lyrics, motivate me and keep me going when it's hard. My favourite Jaimi Faulkner album is "Kiss & Ride" because that's the album that started it all. If it hadn't been for my boyfriend who gave me this album, we wouldn't have gone to see him, he wouldn't have played at my house, all the like. And last but not least there is "Wo Es Beginnt" by Madsen, because Madsen are the best German band there is to me, because their concerts are amazing, because the songs speak nothing but the truth. Music helps with everything.

    1. Jana, congratulations - you just explained what I always feel like! It feels so cruel to name only a few albums/songs/artists because I constantly feel bad for not naming each and everything I listen to. It's like cheating on someone, isn't it?
      I'm really enjoying your picks, probably because most of them are on my (endless) list as well. It's always wonderful to read your words about music because they are honest.
      So thank you ! :) x

  6. Oh jeez, that's probably the hardest questions. I will tell you about a few of my favorite albums, in no particular order because, like Jana already said, and I agree, I don't wanna disappoint anyone or myself by picking just one favorite. I think I can say that music's saved my life in so many ways and there are so many songs/bands that speak to me personally.
    So the first one: All Time Low - Nothing Personal. I just love everything about that album and all their other albums but there are a few songs on it with lyrics that just make me speechless.
    The next one is: Ed Sheeran - +. Do I have to say more? It's just wow. It's exceptional like nothing I've ever heard before and 'Kiss Me' might be the most perfect song I've ever heard. If I ever get married, this will be my wedding song. Hey, one can dream, right?!
    Next in line is Pierce The Veil's Collide With The Sky. I know most people don't like that kinda music, they not only sing, they scream a little. And those lyrics. Might be the most honest, raw lyrics I've ever heard. I know that almost everything is inspired by real life people, and the stories behind the songs are sad, and great at the same time.
    The Kooks - Konk. I love their catchy tunes and just their music in general. One of the first albums I've really loved and listened to for months on repeat.
    Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any... Most people would say that's the thing about pop/punk. Lyrics that talk about how we are all good enough, how life is hard but you have to stay strong. And maybe it's right, maybe it's not. It's the melodies, the lyrics, the whole band that just want to make people see that it IS okay to go through rough times in life and that society sucks sometimes. Just an awesome album from an awesome band. I love all their albums but this one is probably my favorite (like all the others :D)
    Last but not least is Best Intentions by We Are The In Crowd. One of my favorite bands and I don't know I'm a sucker for words, lyrics, melodies, all that stuff and this is just it. One of the best albums I've heard during the last years and whenever I don't know what I wanna listen to, this is one of my going to albums. It always works, it's always right.
    So these are a few of my favorite albums. My favorites right now. I'm too tired and lazy to check for any mistakes, so sorry if there are any. But it's not what this comment is about so, yeah. It's about music and music means a lot to me. I think it's music and books. I don't know what I'd do without those things. They're there when no one else is, and they never disappoint. That sounded deep. Oh well, I will stop talking now.
    Cheers x

    1. Eileen, I think all I can say is - thank you! This comment is absolutely beautifully written and I love your passion for music (and books).
      I'm really glad you took time to write because most of the music you mentioned is rather unfamilar to me and so it gives me new things to check it - which is obviously a thing I love doing.
      You are right, music can save lives, it can give strength, courage and understanding and it can make you a better person.

      And one thing is for sure - Ed Sheeran should play "Kiss Me" at your wedding live. ;) don't ever stop dreaming!
      Again, thanks and good luck winning the CD - I think it could be the next addition to your list. x

  7. Hi, I would like to answer in english but I'm French and my english isn't very good, so I'll try.
    My favourite album is Martin and James, I love all there amazing songs and I can't spend one day without llistening to them playing guitar.. I love Milow's album, the North and south, , wich I listen to it every day in my car, and I just saw him in concert last week, he was awesome . I just know Jim kroft few months ago reading your blog and I love him too, thanks to you for sharing me this awesome singer. this is the music I like to listen when I'm sad or happy, it give me a lot of support in my life. and I really feel better.( I hope I write correctly.)
    Siham S.

    1. Hi Siham, don't worry - I understood everything and don't think your English is bad! If you've heard my French you'd know what 'bad' is. ;)
      You probably know that I agree with the M&J part - they're incredible musicians! I've seen Milow twice (thanks to M&J!) and really enjoyed it.
      It makes me incredibly happy to hear you got to know Jim by reading my blog because I want to share his music. I hope you can continue getting strength and happiness from it.
      Thank you for writing, I appreciate it. :) x

  8. My all-time favorite album must be "Doo-wops & Hooligans" by Mister Bruno Mars. As it's his first album, it's much easier for him to follow his own style than on his second where he already had pressure to fit in, really. The collabs are fantastic and I'm a huge fan of popsongs that are being mixed with rap, preferably with Cee Lo Green or B.o.B.

    But, Tom Odell's album "Long Way Down" or James Morrison's "Songs for You, Truths for Me" aren't bad either.
    :) If I win the give-away, Jim's album will get a chance to become the best one :)

    1. Miss Romina,
      thanks very much for the comment! I think "Long Way Down" would make it to my list too, even though I prefer Tom live a lot more.

      I hope you'll have the chance to see Jim live one day. You'll love it. :) x

  9. well, tell me where i should begin :)
    difficult question, there are so many great bands & albums, but i guess my favourite is still "calling the world" by rooney because thanks to this album i discovered my love for music & got to know you great guys!
    i'm already following both of you on facebook only since i'm not using twitter anymore!
    xoxo Ola

    1. And one lady got the hint! YES! :)
      Oh the Rooney days... I miss them. Heidelberg was probably one of the coolest gigs I've been to. (Because of the wonderful fan crew.)
      We need a re-union. NOW.

      Thanks for following both of us. :) x


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