The HITS Playlist: part 6

Hey guys,
we're already doing part 6 of the HITS Playlist. Isn't that crazy?

If you're not familar with the playlist yet - it consists of songs by artists that have been featured on this blog before.

I probably repeat myself in every blogpost but seriously - take some time to check out at least 3 of the artists. As there are a lot of genres mixed I think there should be something for you.
Due to that I also wrote the genre behind the artists. Maybe that helps. :)

"All In My Head" - Kismet Ryding (rock)
"Ghost Broke My Guitar" - The Assist (rock)
"Gefährlich" - elias (pop)
"Some Kind Of Beautiful" - Tyler Ward (pop)
"Topanga" - Decoded (rock)
"Year Of The Flood" - Western Jaguar (folk)
"Numb" - Hey Bulldog (rock)
"The Fallen" - Cold Summer (hardcore)
"The Struggle" - Kiirstin Marilyn (pop)
"Good At Losing" - Permanent Ability (rock)
"Cabrio Im Regen" - bye bye (acoustic pop)
"Pen y Fan" - Winter In Toronto (acoustic)
"Autumn In New York" - Kosi (blues)

If you liked it come back for part seven in January or check out the previous parts. : )

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 Thank you for reading!


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