Spotlight On: Winter In Toronto

Hey guys,
 discovering new and great music is one of my favourite things to do.
Sharing my discoveries with you is another one. 

And that's why I'm doing a spotlight on today.

Winter In Toronto is an acoustic and folk duo from London, England.
The guys behind it are Cameron Pickard and Ellis Mizen.

They were friends at school, have played in bands together and continued to make music even after the bands fell apart.
But there wasn't really the intention to start this project before Cameron needed help on a song he had written. They recorded that song and put it on soundcloud what turned out to be a very good idea because people really liked it.

The band name was actually meant to be Of Toronto and it was inspired by a song from their friends' band. But of course there already was another band with a similar name.
Ellis came up with the name Winter In Toronto and so the band was born.

Right now Cameron and Elllis are working on their debut EP.
When being asked about their influences - this is what Ellis says:
 "Our influences vary massively. Overall for this project I'd say people like Bon Iver, Keaton Henson and Grizzly Bear have been very influential, but it just varies depending on what we're listening to at that time. At the moment I've been listening to a lot of Sivu, and he's been a big influence on my writing and we both love the new Volcano Choir album. So I think of late that's been another influence."

I would describe their sound as really calm. Their voices blend so well that you could think it's only one person singing - but still both individuals have enough strength to shine themselves.
What really gets me is the simplicity - two voice, two guitars and nothing but honesty. 

Winter In Toronto online:

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