2013's thank yous

Hey guys,

I love how at the end of each year everyone is getting quite a bit sentimental. I love that because I'm sentimental all year long and during this time I don't get weird looks for it.

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what to think of 2013. 
Personally it wasn't my favourite year because there were lots of downs and rather bad moments but the journalist-y side of my life was quite wonderful.

Being a journalism student and blogger is not the biggest thing in Germany. It seems like most of the people don't have a clue what blogging is and actually everyone who writes can call himself a journalist.

Along the way I met people who don't care about this kind of media but fortunately the amount of people who started supporting me, taught me new things and helped me tackle crazy things was a lot bigger than those who don't.

I transformed house in the sand into a music blog just in March. Since then I worked with exactly 85 artists/bands. Most of them actually contacted me and asked for a collaboration which means I'm not doing things all too wrong.
And that's a massive compliment! 

Because of this blog I got a press card from the Official German Youth Press, I got to do press things at several events like the Musikmesse Frankfurt, I started working with a major label, I started writing for Albumcheck, I was asked to contribute articles for the German Huffington Post and I met so many talented musicians.

Besides me, the one who writes everything on here, house in the sand consists of two big parts:
the musicians/labels/managements and press people who let me write, ask me to write and invite me to write all the articles 


the readers and supporters. But I think those are the most important ones - without any readers I would have no reasons to write about anything or anyone. The musicians want their music to be heard - not just blogged. And without an audience mostly none of the musicians would want me to blog them.

I say mostly because there actually have been people who supported this blog even when the only readers were my Mum and my school friends. But I'll come back to that later.

I love writing, doing research, discovering music but the thing I love the most about blogging is the interaction with my readers. Hearing your opinions about what I write and the way I write makes me such a happy person.
And I really really hope this community can grow bigger in 2014.

Now back to the ones who supported this blog before 6000 people a month clicked it. 
There is this band consisting of two of the most talented guys I've ever met. 
Yeah, it's Martin and James. 
I named this blog after a line from their song "Wrong Directions" and they have been absolutely supportive whenever I came up with new ideas.
And so was Jim Kroft, one of the people I look up to. Without his encouraging words I probably would not have overlooked some of the downs.
And that's why I created a little video of the footage I filmed of the guys to thank them.
I hope it will make some of you laugh as I tried to be funny.
(Not sure if I am...)

So whenever one of you messages me something like "I just bought a ticket" or "I got their album because of you" I get so happy because it actually pays off for them. 

But of course there have been more .. to be honest - I'm afraid I'll forget anyone when I name them but I'll give it a try anyway.
Some are wonderful friends, twitter followers, facebook likers and just great people in general. Thanks everyone!
Thank you Mum, Dan, Ryan, Matt, Ben, Nessi, Jana, Romina, Sarah, Kitti, Gracia, Liam, Dennis, Nina, Jake, Eileen, Seija, Andrew, Lisa.

I'm really happy I got your support! 

(Everyone mentioned - feel free to leave your links in the comment section so people can find you!)

Of course I'd like to thank everybody else who clicked, read and talked to me. :)

To bring this monster post to an end - thank you, I like you all lots and I hope you'll stay with me in the future.
Two more posts in 2013 are to come, one is a best of and the other one a list of all musicians who I worked with this year, so come back if you're interested.



  1. How wonderful is this post. Lots of love inside, just as there is inside the person who wrote it. Definitely the most beautiful meeting of this end of year. Keep going the wonderful work you've done so far, with the passion and the little touch of fun I particularly appreciate. Reading you is a delight! I should like to thank M&J in my turn for finding HITS and the girl behind this blog. You rock, Vanessa! Much love aaaaand huge hugs X

    1. And I think this comment makes it to the Top 5 list of the most wonderful comments ever. Thank you so much Sarah. I really enjoy talking to you and hope we can meet at a concert soon!
      And wowwww ... normally people thank me for discovering M&J not the other way around. But I appreciate it! :) big big hug! x

  2. Du bist ja süß. :) Ich finde dein Blog ist der beste Musikblog, den ich kenne. Bei dir merkt man bei jedem Artikel wie viel Herzblut du in diesen Blog hinein steckst. Mach weiter so! :)

    1. Ohh wie lieb! Danke, das freut mich unglaublich! Was für ein Kompliment!!! :) Ich werde definitiv weitermachen und bin sehr gespannt, was ich denn noch alles so erleben darf. Danke fürs Lesen und Kommentieren! :)


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