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Today's post is strongly influenced by the wonderful Nessi Holt from carpe carmina.
Not only do we share the same name, but also some fantastic music.

Nessi told me about Midnight Hour, a fantastic band. And I'm happy to introduce them to you today.

Midnight Hour is a pop band with rock elements from Orange County (Los Angeles), USA.
The band formed in 2006, went through some line-up changes and now consists of:
Brad Logde (vocals)
Tim Johnson (lead guitar)
Mark Johnson (guitar)
Jeff Fernandez (bass)

So far they have released the EP "Ghost In The Mirror" in their early days, their debut album "Midnight Hour" which was recorded in their own studio and produced by themselves back in 2012.

"Running Away", a song off of Midnight Hour's debut album was featured in the series "Ghost Whisperer" and even the band made an appearance.
"Modern Love", also off of "Midnight Hour", the debut longplayer, was their first song to get played on the radio. Californian radio station KROQ welcomed the band's music and played it multiple times.

The pop band has supported well known colleagues such as Imagine Dragons and Plain White T's on tour.
In 2013 they released another EP, this time consisting of stripped down acoustic songs.
This year "Monster", a new single with a slightly mysterious twist to the band's signature sound, went online.

Radio hit "Modern Love" is also the online song which got its own music video.
Well deserved though.
The energetic and catchy song represents Midnight Hour's lively live performance which is shown in the video. Paired with backstage footage and lovely campfire scenes the video is an absolutely joy to watch.
The song itself is a powerful, vibrant vocals colour the song, the infectious and catchy instrumentations gives it the necessary grip. A fantastic song which you definitely want to hear!

Midnight Hour online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Midnight Hour


  1. Absolutely love Midnight Hour and their album is brilliant!


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