Album Review: "Pictures Of Us" by Kosi

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I think I already told you that it makes me pretty happy when artists I've worked with before, ask me to work with them again.
I think it's a sign that things are going well, for all of us.

Kosi, a singer/songwriter based in New York City, USA sent me her album "One More Cup Of Coffee" last year. And this year I found a lovely copy of her newest album "Pictures Of Us" in the mail.

Artist: Kosi
Title: Pictures Of Us
Genre: Blues
Label: independent
Release: 2nd June 2014
hits rating: /10

Her music marches into a blues and jazz direction but still mixes other sounds into it. So let's call it a multi-coloured style.
Now let's get into the review!

1) Wild Is The Wind
2) I Already Know
3) Brianna
4) The Star Crossed Lovers
5) Pictures Of Us
6) Your Angel
7) Valerie
8) Untitled Art Song (in e minor)
9) Hoboken Blues
10) Lovers' Song (be the one)

Opener "Wild Is The Wind" is a cover by the absolutely fantastic Nina Simone. Kosi keeps the tempo, the intensity but puts her own twist to it.
Her voice has to be the main part of the song, you just can't deny it.
The warmth in her voice, the strength -they just soak you in, they captivate you.

Title track "Pictures Of Us" suprises with a male co-vocalist, both voices harmonize perfectly and give the song a lot texture. The tenor saxophone takes the lead for a lively instrumental part.

A song which really stands out is "Your Angel", a beautiful ballad where Kosi's vocals are completely spot on. It's a stripped down song, really natural and focused on the base of the track. It transports the emotion, the lyrics are honest, they are heartfelt.

Whilst on her last album I criticized the rather guitar based instrumentals, this time the record is rich of different instruments; trumpets, tenor saxophones and brilliantly arranged percussions.
"Hoboken Blues" gets, surprise surprise, a litte more bluesy. The sass in Kosi's voice is underlined by the instrumentation and works together with the lyrics oh so well!

To sum it up: Once again the talented singer managed to convince with her endless talent. Honest songs which tell lyrics in emotional and poetic ways. A big variety of sounds supports Kosi's vocal range and helps making this record one to treasure.

You should listen to these tracks: I Already Know, Your Angel, Hoboken Blues

Kosi online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork: Kosi


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