Monthly Review: August 2014

Hey guys!

August is over, September is here. 
I could write about how time flies but I won't because I do that every month. 

Instead I'll just say how glad I am to experience everything that goes on in life. 
And how glad I am to know that people care about this blog. It means the world.

So let's reflect August together!

Artists featured on house in the sand:
Orla Gartland

What I enjoyed doing for house in the sand: 
- premiering Mark Mathews music video for The Girl
- interviewing Orla Gartland & Dan Dietrich
- going on a road trip with this playlist

Blogs I loved: 
A Beautiful Mess (yes, I have to mention this one! They've got a new design!)

Items that made me happy:
- hydrangeas (prettiest flowers ever!)
- invitations
- polaroids (surprise!!!)

- seeing a few wonderful friends again
- actually understanding some bits of HTML

What I learned: 
- it's quite simple to spot fake friends
- dreams can come true

Songs I loved:
- 'Cherry Wine' by Hozier
- 'Pouring Out' by Gabrielle Aplin
- 'Care' by Hudson Taylor
'The A-Team' by Ed Sheeran

Comment of the month:
"I love your photos so much. I don't get around to much photography lately... but this really motivated me to take it up again!! <3" - Comment by Jana on 'Project 365 Photos: Update 2'

Photograph of the month:

What I'm looking forward to in September:
- discovering more great music
- one or two road trips 

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske

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