Video Interview: Dan Dietrich

image: Dominik Gruszczyk

Hey guys!

It's always amazing to get your feedback because it really helps producing the blog content. A lot of you enjoy the video interviews, so I always try to get something cool done for you.
Interviewing the fantastic Dan Dietrich seemed like a great option.

Dan Dietrich is a singer/songwriter from Darmstadt, Germany.  His own material could be classified as acoustic/folk-rock and is inspired by artists such as Bob Dylan, Melanie Safka and Tracy Chapman.
So far Dan released a six track EP, played a countless amount of gigs on his own and with bands, he supported Canada's Morgan Finlay and Scotland's Martin and James and built a loyal fan base over the years.

His beautiful balcony was the perfect place to sit down and talk about the EP recordings, new projects, embarrassing moments, guilty pleasure songs and a lot more.

Hope you enjoy!

Dan Dietrich online: Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography: Dominik Gruszczyk


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