Soundtrack Review: Wish I Was Here

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Recently I fell in love with Sundays. Taking one day of the week to just relax and do things you don't have time for on the other days.
One of my favourite activities on Sundays became watching either a good movie or a good series.
(I bloody love Sherlock. There are just not enough episodes out!)

What's funny about me watching a film is that no matter how hard I try not to, I always end up judging a movie by the music that is playing. I know I know, that's absolutely stupid but I just can't help it. 
So with me being really into films on Sundays it was just brilliant timing when I received a mail from Sony about the 'Wish I Was Here' soundtrack.

'Wish I Was Here' is a film staring and directed by Zach Braff. I'm a music reviewer so I'm going to skip the movie details part and tell you a bit more about the music part.

Zach Braff did not only write and direct the movie, play a main character in it but he also put together the soundtrack.
In 2004 the soundtrack to his movie 'Garden State' was honoured with a Grammy; all songs were picked by Braff himself.

And for 'Wish I Was Here' it's not different, so let's dive into the music!

1) So Now What (by The Shins)
2) Broke Window (by Gary Jules)
3) The Mute (by Radical Face)
4) Cherry Wine (Live) (by Hozier)
5) Holocene (by Bon Iver)
6) The Shining (by Badly Drawn Boy)
7) Mexico (by Jump, Little Children)
8) Wish I Was Here (by Cat Power & Coldplay)
9) Wait It Out (by Allie Moss)
10) The Obvious Child (by Paul Simon)
11) Breathe In (by Japanese Wallpaper ft. Wafia)
12) Heavenly Father (by Bon Iver)
13) Raven's Song (by Aaron Embry)
14) Mend (by The Weepies)
15) No One To Let You Down (by The Head and The Heart)

The indie pop band The Shins probably consists of Braff fans. He was the one who used their music for the famous series 'Scrubs' and his movie 'Garden State' and helped them a lot that way.
Inviting his friends to watch the new movie and write a song about it was definitely a good idea; 'So Now What' is a great calm indie pop composition with a fresh but also a vintage touch to it.

The whole soundtrack is rather calm and relaxing. There are up beat tracks such as 'The Obvious Child' performed by John Simon but still I'd say it's a rather laid back tune which kind of reminds me of a day by the beach.

The song 'Cherry Wine' which is live performed by Hozier soaks you in and is just a soothing as a lullaby - calm and smooth vocals paired with soft acoustic guitar picking.
Singer/songwriter folk project Bon Iver keeps this arrangement and also keeps it simple with 'Holocene'. 
'Heavenly Father', also performed by Bon Iver, stays calm but has a more out thought side to it. Harmonies, some synths, a nice beat - one in one: more grip.

The most expressive song, in my opinion, has to be the title track performed by Cat Power and Coldplay.
Cat Power's deep and raspy vocals paired with Coldplay's harmonies accompanied by beautiful piano instrumentals. F l a w l e s s.

Also - the comments on YouTube mostly were about the soundtrack and how good it is. I mean, that's a sign!

To sum it up: If the movie is as good as the soundtrack is, we're in for a treat!

Wish I Was Here online: Official Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork File provided by Sony Music GER | Trailer taken from FocusFeatures YouTube


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