Song Review: 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift

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Yesterday Miss Taylor Swift held a livestream where she released her newest video for her single 'Shake It Off' off of her upcoming album '1989'.
I don't know if that many of you know it but I used to really like her music three years ago.
My taste in music has changed a lot but I still like checking back on what the artists I used to listen to are doing at the moment.

So when the web got a bit crazy about Taylor's newest single I decided to give it a try.

'Shake It Off' is a full on pop song, no hints of anything else. Funny enough, I have never really thought of her as a Country artists, even though some say she used to be. In my opinion the pop elements usually always overweight her tracks.

Swift's new song is about how she deals with haters, she shakes it all off. It's a super catchy summer tune with a clear message.
People always talk about you but you shouldn't really care because you know they are just taking crap.
If think especially the girls and boys in the teen age could really take the song as an example to feel stronger and more confident.
If Taylor can handle it (and let's face it - she has to deal with a lot!), you can shake it all off just like she does.

The video definitely entertains you; Taylor plays the main part by showing off her dance moves varying from hip hop break dance, to twerking and back.
I think you cleary understand how she ditches all stupid comments by just having a great time.

To be honest; I'm not the biggest fan of 'mainstream pop stuff' but I think the fun Taylor has and the confidence she has in the track really shines through and takes it to another level.
It's a catchy tun, it's fun, it's Summer. So why not?  

What do you think about the track?

Watch the video here!

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Taylor Swift Official Facebook


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