Playlist: Summery Road Trip

Hey guys!

Sometimes I get a little clueless of what to post.
Whenever that happens I tend to ask you guys for help and you are always there with brilliant ideas.
In other words - you are amazing!

This time you suggested a summer playlist and a road trip playlist.
I fell in love with both ideas so I decided to put them together and do a 'Summery Road Trip Playlist'.

Please keep in mind that I don't try to pick the "newest" songs. I don't even know what's in the charts.
I basically just picked a ton of songs I love to play in the summer time.

Hope you enjoy!

'Fallen Off Earth' - Keeva ft. George Glew
We want to start our road trip with a calmer tune, right? Keeva and George Glew wrote the perfect one to get into the mood.

'Bones' - Chris Stringer
I really think having some slow songs on the playlist is lovely. 'Bones' by Chris Stringer is such a jewel, we just need it on here.

'Lose Your Colour' - Lizabett Russo
Happy, light instrumentals and infectiously catchy and beautiful vocals. Oh it's summer.

'Blood Fountain' - Panic Tree
Alternative songs with slight electro-pop sounds really get me in the Summer time. Panic Tree treat us with this fantastic track.

'Fools Parade' - The Rivertairs
This is 'just a demo' but me oh my of course it's on here. If this doesn't get you moving, I don't know what will.

'Orphan' - Ciaran Lavery
Stuck in traffic? Turn this up, have a little jam session and I'm sure it's all good.
'Heal' - Shoot The Rabbit
Yes yes yes - cruising down the highway, blasting this = Summer!!!
'Finest Hour' - Nina Yasmineh
Let's calm down for a second and collect some energy for the next dance party again. Nina Yasmineh totally helps by enchanting us with her beautiful vocals.

'Feel It Ticking' - The Plea
Mysterious rock music - yes, please!

'No Idea' - Ben Barritt
A funky, jazzy, folky singer/songwriter tune to enjoy our road trip even more.

'Command:Turn:Revolt' - The Arkanes
The volume needs to be loud for this one. L O U D.

'Honey' - Liam McClair
Out of breath? Yeah me too. No worries, Liam has got us covered with a brilliant song to chase the sunset.

'The Wire' - HAIM
Thank god the wire of our radio is plugged in. 

'Ain't It Fun' - Paramore
Ain't it fun being on the road?
'Battles' - Hudson Taylor
Folk rock with sassy lyrics. What a combination. Oh, let's sing along like there's no tomorrow!
'Blame It On Me' - George Ezra
I don't mind, blame this playlist on me. I'm happy with it. Whoooohoo.
'Matilda' - Martin and James
If you don't know the words to this, go and learn them. We need to sing along! This song represents Summer!
'Don't' - Ed Sheeran
I love this slightly bad-ass beat. Perfect for a nice trip to your favourite city.

'How Do You Feel Today' - Gabrielle Aplin
There are also clouds in the sky in Summer so it's ok to listen to some ballads.

'Little Elle' - Alex Stockley
You're welcome!

'Superstition' - Stevie Wonder 
A classic. For a reason.

And that's the whole playlist. I really hope this helps you when you're on the road.
I'm definitely off to spend some time road tripping now, byeeeee.

Thank you for reading! : )

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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