Throwback Thursday on a Sunday

 Hey guys,

I'm sure a lot of you are on instagram, right?
So you guys probably already know what Throwback Thursday is.

For those of you who don't know it, I'll explain it real quick:
You basically post pictures which were taken a while ago. As simple as that.

I know it's not Thursday but does anyone actually care?

So I got a little nostalgic and started reading through the old posts ... Oh me oh my.

Here are some of my favourites:

"Dreams" - I once wrote a post about believing in your dreams even though others tell you they won't come true. I probably wouldn't write it exactly the same nowadays but I still agree with the message of it. Maybe you do too.

"Jim Kroft" - even though the layout of this post is absolutely horrible I love how every single word I wrote came from the heart. And what I love even more about it - after knowing Jim for about 2,5 years now I still think the same about him. He's a hero.
"Dan meets Portland live" - oh dear. This post makes me happy and sad at the same time - happy because of the memories and sad because I dearly miss seeing these guys perform. :(

"Concert Picture Collection" - photography has always been a part of house in the sand. Those are definitely not the best pictures I've ever taken but I like them because they capture great memories.

"Interview: Ryan McNeil" - yep, casually interviewed the man with the plan. Seriously, we'd all be lost without him.

"One year house in the sand" - first anniversary. That was lovely.

"Happy Photographs" - some lovely photographs taken outside. I like those.

"The HITS Readers Playlist" - this is probably one of my top five posts ever! So many of you submitted songs to a playlist and I absolutely loved it! :)

"Jim Kroft in concert" - joy.

"I got interviewed!" - what?!

"Interview: Shoot The Rabbit" - because the rabbits are the coolest guys and I love the pic they took for me. :)

"Video Interview: Martin and James" - first video interview ever. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

"Concert: Martin and James live in Berlin" - Martin and James and Berlin. What a combination.

"Interview: elias" - interviewed a really cool band from Berlin whilst in Berlin. Makes sense, doesn't it?

"Video Interview: Jim Kroft & Martin and James: a very Scottish decision" - haha, I'm sure this will always be one of the funniest interviews done for this site. Had the best time interviewing these three Scottish lads.

"Photo Sunday: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8" - introduced my favourite little toy camera to you. One of the most viewed posts ever.

"Birthday Countdown |  Day 28: Best Of" - 28 days of celebrating our second birthday. Each day another live performance dedicated to house in the sand. I still think that this is the coolest thing we've ever done! So proud of it!

"Soundcheck with Martin and James" - soundchecked with Martin and James. That's it.

"Gig Review: Tom Odell" - photographed that Tom Odell dude once again.

"Exclusive Performance: Jim Kroft" - my very favourite Jim Kroft sang a song for us.

"Follow Me Around | Concert Time" - took you with me to a gig and showed you what I do when I work there. It's kind of a behind the scenes of house in the sand.

"Concert Impressions: The Arkanes" - after two years I finally got to see The Arkanes live again. And it was a very eventful evening.

"Video Interview: The Arkanes" - ok, let's be honest; even though this was super chaotic it was also very very entertaining. Had a brilliant time interviewing THE rock band from Liverpool.

"My blogging equipment" - showed you some of the things I use to produce the content you see on here, turns out it was a good idea. :)

"Video Interview: Ben Barritt" - ohh another interview. Filmed in Berlin in front of the beautiful Spree with the fantastic Ben Barritt. Nice one.

"Behind The Scenes with The Arkanes" - oh those guys again. Went backstage, followed the guys everywhere (well... not everywhere!) and filmed a video.

"Social Media & Music?" - probably one of the most journalist-y posts and I love it a lot.

"Oh Berlin" - I have to admit it... I have a crush. On a city.

"Acoustic Session: 'Anne Next Door' by Thorge" - ok, who doesn't love those intimate acoustic sessions?

That should be enough for today, right?

I really hope you enjoyed it. I would love to know what you think of such "fun" posts. You know, the rather laid back posts that don't really teach anything but still are lovely to write.

Thanks a lot for reading! :)

Credits // Text & Photograph 1: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photograph 2: Shoot The Rabbit


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