7 tunes you need to hear #3

Hey guys!

On a scale from 1-10 - how exciting is new music to you?
For me it's probably 15. Yeah, I get really excited about discovering new music, but you probably have noticed that by now.

house in the sand is the place for new and exciting music and so it is law that I share it with you.

There are thousands of tunes you need to hear ... but let's start off with the following seven.

'What The French Call "Les Incomp├ętents"' by Waterbodies

Energetic rock music. Yeah... I guess it's no secret that I love it. Waterbodies, the rock three piece from Toronto, Canada, managed to write and record such track.
A slightly dirty sounding with a heavy rhythm section, a controlling e-guitar with some into-your-mind-burning riffs and the singer's strong, expressive voice. The lighter cheers between chorus and verse are a nice and rather unexpected contrast which forms the song into what it is.

Waterbodies online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

'Contagious' by JShades ft. D.O.

Giving all genres a go is what I think makes a music blog a music blog. Why listen to only one certain genre when there are so many talented musicians creating tunes.
 Indeed I'm not the super knowledged when it comes to hip-hop but that doesn't mean I can enjoy it.
'Contagious' by JShades ft. D.O. mixes hip-hop and pop music in a calm yet moveable way. JShades is an artist from Las Vegas, USA who only started with his original music in 2013 but already found his own style.

JShades online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

'Bridgeburner' by Goodnight, Sunrise

To start this section - let me quote the bands Facebook page when it comes to their genre: "Indie Soul Metal Rock Pop Prog" - alright, one thing you definitely can't accuse the three piece from Ontario, Canada is a monotonous style.
"Bridgeburner" is exactly such multi-genre compilation. Two tracks where David and Vanessa spotlight their talent individually. Both tracks are energetic tunes you really can't genre-fy. Massive instrumentals showcase the band as a whole, both vocalist know how to control a track.

Goodnight, Sunrise online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

'Deanna' by Chimera

Pop music has many faces and so does Chimera. The man behind the project, Alan Berkeley Holmes from Edmonton, Canada, shows us another side of pop music.
'Deanna' is a dreamy ballad which uses the calm and emotional side to tell a story. The song is mainly piano based with its focus on the vocals. A string arrangement adds even more intensity and more emotion to the beautiful ballad.

Chimera online: Facebook | Soundcloud

'My Dress Hangs There' by Violet

Electronic-pop, another face of the pop music's variety. Violet, a young musician from Sydney, Australia who is inspired by artists such as James Blake and Lana Del Rey definitely nails it.
'My Dress Hangs There' is an absolutely interesting track with a great attitude convinces with a calm and mysterious beat. The clever arrangements need to be mentioned, but what really stands out is Violet's atmospheric voice; soothing vocals which have no problems to also reach higher notes effortlessly really make the song what it is.
Keep an eye and ear on this young lady! I'm sure we'll hear a lot of her.

Violet online: Website | Soundcloud 

'Buena Vista' by JEEN

Canada, you place of talent! Another artist from Canada landed on our 7 tunes list for a good reason. Indie/alternative rocker JEEN mixes interesting elements into her track 'Buena Vista". The up tempo tune lets elements of western music shine through and sparkles because of its creativity.
It's really no surprise JEEN has worked with multiple artists such as Great Big Sea, Serena Ryder and Hawksley Workman and had her songs used for national campaigns. Spot on, Miss JEEN.

JEEN online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

'Startin' Fires' by Inego

British alternative rock bands are usually quite promising. And so are INEGO, the four piece outfit from Manchester, UK. They have been making music since 2007 and definitely know how to convince with their style.
'Startin' Fires' is an infectious track with slightly funky riffs, a brilliantly harmonizing rhythm section and main vocals that could not be better arrange with the backing vocals.
A very unique style you really should hold on to. The depth of the song will let you fall right into the track but definitely catch you before you hit the ground.

Inego online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

I hope you enjoyed the 7 tunes you really needed to hear! :)

Thank you for reading!

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