Interview: Schuyler Deerman from Sidestage

 Hey guys!

Who of you has ever been involved in organize an event including live music?
I have and I know that it can be real struggle to find the right artists and to sort everything out. 

And musicians, don't some of you find it difficult to get booked?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a platform which made everything easier?
Well, let me tell you - there is! 

Sidestage is a platform for musicians and bookers to both find what they're looking for. Launched in Berlin, Germany and London, UK the variety of bookers and musicians is already massive.
To give you an idea of what you can expect from the service I spoke to the founder, Schuyler Deerman.

house in the sand: The concept of Sidestage is really interesting. How did you, the founders, come up with it?
Schuyler: I grew up playing guitar, and know lots of musicians. Here are all these crazy talented people (not talking about myself), but none of them make much money playing music. What if we could make it really easy for them to get hired to play music. If it was easier to hire musicians, would more people do it?
Our goal is to enable more musicians to do more of what they love doing. But to do this, we focus on just making it easier for people to book musicians.

house in the sand: For all potential bookers - how do I find the right artist for my event? How does the whole booking process work?
Schuyler: To find an artist, visit our site and tell us where your even is. You'll get a visiual listing of artists available around you. Then you can go to the artists' profile pages to see pricing and to hear and see what the artists are like. If you want, you can contact the artists through our platform, and when you're ready, you can book them at the click of a button.
It's all pretty easy and straight forward. And of course, if you need any help along the way, you can contact our world-class customer support.

house in the sand: As a lot of artists and bands are reading this: how can they become a part of Sidestage?
Schuyler: We're looking for amazing musicians to join Sidestage. To sign up, go to and create an account. It's free.

house in the sand: And most importantly: why should they become a part of it? What are their advantages?
Schuyler: Sidestage is a great platform for handling bookings. When artists run their bookings through Sidestage, we ensure the security of each transaction, making sure artists get paid on time, everytime. We also protect artists against cancellations and fraud. So if someone cancels on an artist last minute, the artist isn't going to be out of money.

house in the sand: What do you expect the future for Sidestage to be like?
Schuyler: We want to enable more musicians to do more of what they love doing. We want to make it easier, and less intimidating, to hire musicians. And in doing this, we hope more musicians get booked.

house in the sand: Who are the people behind Sidestage? Are you also musicians?
Schuyler: Our team is a mix of product and music people. I, myself, have been playing guitar since I was 10. At one point, I wanted to go to music school but ended up taking a different path.

house in the sand: Can you share some music tips with us which you listen to?
Schuyler: I like a lot of stuff. Some of my favorites are... The Landed, AZEDIA and the SpreeTONorchester. You can book all of these bands on Sidestage, too. :)

Many thanks to Schuyler for this insightful interview! 

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Answers: Sidestage, Schuyler Deerman


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