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Hey guys! 

I remember the first time I got one of the well known "AAA" passes.
AAA is the cool sounding short form of "Access All Areas" - it means you can go wherever you please at a gig.

The first time I got to do that was at a Martin and James gig where I got to photograph soundcheck, film backstage and then go on stage to photograph the band.
It all felt super special and new back then.

Nowadays I get to do that very often and also have "earned" many AAA's by being a member of the band's crew.

Because I like sharing experiences (not food, though), I've created the "Access All Areas" feature, where I share some impressions of the gigs.

Previous AAAs: Ciaran Lavery & Tommy Reilly | Chris Pate | Hudson Taylor

Last month I spent a few days with the talented dudes of Hyena.

The Alt-Rock trio just got back from their first tour through Germany & Switzerland.
With gripping rhythms, powerful vocals and a lot of energy, the band from Liverpool, UK is taking over by storm and has already made it very clear that they belong on stage.

Hyena are:
Chris Pate (vocals, guitar)
Daz Mangan (bass)
Adam Rooney (drums, cajon)

Last month the band played at the best venue in Germany - Riffelhof in Burgrieden.
On their way to the venue, they picked me up and stuffed me into the car.

Now, get ready to jump into the car with us and take a look behind the scenes.

You'll find photos from the car journey, the backstage area, the room I got to stay in, and of course, photos from the show.


Hyena online: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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