Album Review: "DNCE" by DNCE

Hey guys!

I don't have too many memories from 5th grade, because 
a) it's been a long time since
b) it wasn't necessarily my favourite time of my young life

However, I remember that in 5th grade there were a few girls who tried to embarrass me because of my music taste.
It's something that hurt me but never really made me feel bad.
And, well, nowadays it's one of the things that has gotten me the furthest in my "career".

I also find it extremely funny because the band they tried to trash were the Jonas Brothers.
One of those brothers is now in a band called DNCE and the world has gone crazy about their music.

So, I guess the point of this intro is - never let anyone make you feel weird because of the music you like. Both, you and the artists, are passionate and that's all that matters.
#hatersgonnahate #loversgonnaDNCE 

That being said, let's chat about DNCE's debut album, yeah?

Band: DNCE
Title: DNCE
Genre: Pop, Funk
Label: Republic Records
Release Date: 18th November 2016

DNCE is a four piece outfit based in Los Angeles, US.

The band found together through a couple connections and is now here to share their alternative, funk music with us.  

DNCE consists of:
Joe Jonas (vocals)
JinJoo Lee (guitar)
Cole Whittle (bass, keyboard)
Jack Lawless (drums

Their debut single "Cake By The Ocean" ended up double-platinum and allowed the band to enter the pop industry with a bang.

After releasing their debut EP "SWAAY", touring with Selena Gomez and winning "Best New Artist" at the MTV Video Music Awards, DNCE have just dropped their highly anticipate self-titled long player.

We're excited to tell you what we think about the 14-track album.

2) Body Moves
3) Cake By The Ocean
4) Doctor You
5) Toothbrush
6) Blown (ft. Kent Jones)
7) Good Day
8) Almost
9) Naked
10) Truthfully
11) Be Mean
12) Zoom
13) Pay My Rent
14) Unsweet

The album greets you with the super funky and catchy title track.
"DNCE" is the band's very own invitation to get freaky and to have fun. Joe Jonas' vocals show just how much the vocals can actually control the mood a song.
From high pitched chants to energetic notes- the opener has it all and sets the scene for a very genre blending album.

"Body Moves" might just be that one single that really represents the best side of the band; a steady but clever drum beat, a funky bassline, sweetly badass guitar riffs and a wide range of vocals.
As I'm typing the words of this review, I'm also dancing in my seat, enjoying the funky masterpiece the band delivered.

By now I'm sure you all know DNCE's first single "Cake By The Ocean" - a funky and very groovy track. The instrumental itself is just as catchy as the lyrics are; the funky guitar riff compliments the very lively bass line.
The drum part is kept very straight forward - it's simple, yet it ties the song together in such clever manner. It invites you to dance (no pun intended) and have a good time.
Lyrically "Cake By The Ocean" is no masterpiece, but it's a fun song. You'll be able to sing along quickly and just have a good time.
Joe's vocals deliver the track in the right way and fit the whole "carefree, sunshine vibe" DNCE is going for.

The acoustic guitar makes its' first appearance on "Good Day".
 A mellow acoustic guitar, multi-layered vocals and claps lead you into the song before the rhythm section shows us why bass and drums are crucial for danceable songs.

Showing us that they can do more than upbeat groove, DNCE slow it down with "Almost", a slightly bluesy and very emotional track. Smooth and raspy vocals take their turns whilst the e-guitar confidentally leads you through the song.

To sum it up: DNCE made it very clear that they're ready to make the pop world their own.
This debut album is one of the funkiest ones the mainstream charts have heard in a while. Filled with personality, fun, rainbows and badass basslines, there's something for everyone.
We're impressed and want to attend a DNCE gig ASAP.

You should listen to these tracks: Body Moves, Cake By The Ocean, Good Day

DNCE online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: DNCE


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