On Tour With: Hyena in Germany

Hey guys!

I love a good challenge!
In my opinion, challenges are the perfect way to stay creative and to keep pushing yourself in order to learn more.
When I first started out with this website, nothing really felt like a challenge - mainly because I didn't really think of it as more than just a hobby.

Now that it's way more than a hobby, there are times where I have to upgrade.
Upgrade the quality of the content, upgrade the variety of skills I can offer.

If I'm completely honest with you, I feel the need to improve my skills every day. But improvement takes time and it comes from hard work and practise.

There is one field that I have shyed away from for a very long time - videography.
I always felt like not having the right gear was stopping me.
Which has never stopped me when it comes to photography.

So I realised that videography is something you can learn without having the fanciest equipment on hand.
And that's why I decided I would use my time on tour with Hyena wisely to work on my video skills.

Today you get to be the judge and see if it worked out at all!
Before you dive into the video, please let me introduce you to Hyena.

Hyena are a 2016 founded band from Liverpool, UK.
Just last month the Alt-Rock trio got back from their first tour through Germany & Switzerland.
With gripping rhythms, powerful vocals and a lot of energy, the band from Liverpool, UK is taking over by storm and has already made it very clear that they belong on stage.

Hyena are:
Chris Pate (vocals, guitar)
Daz Mangan (bass)
Adam Rooney (drums, cajon)

Below you can check out what it looks like to be on tour with the very energetic (and chaotic) band.

The video includes a special appearance of our wonderful friend Ben Barritt and his amazing band!

Hyena online: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp | Instagram

More of Hyena on house in the sand: exclusive performance | tour photos

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text, Image & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske | **with special thanks to the Hyena gang**


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