Gig Photos: Bear's Den at Melkweg, Amsterdam

Hey guys!

Chatting to friends is such a wonderful way to discover music you haven't heard before.
I just think it's so cool to hear people talk about music they enjoy.

As soon as you listen to the recommended music, it sort of feels more personal because you know your friend enjoys it.

Typing this, I'm really wondering, whether more people can relate to that or if it's just me being a weirdo.
Please let me know, I need to know.

Enough of my random blabbering!
Today we have gig photos of Bear's Den for you! A band I got to know through our photographer Saar who covered the gig for HITS.

Find out more below!

Bear's Den are a two piece from London, UK.
They combine the songwriting elements of Folk music with the rawness and energy of Indie-Rock.

The duo consisting of Andrew David and Kev Jones have recently toured Europe & the UK with a backing band which allowed them to deliver the full band sound you can hear on their albums.

Formed in 2012, Bear's Den so released two EPs:
- "Agape" (2013)
- "Without/Within" (2014)

and two albums:
- "Islands" (2014)
- "Red Earth & Pouring Rain" (2016)

Our wonderful Holland based photographer Saar went to see the band at Melkweg in Amsterdam on November 12th 2016.

You can get to know Saar here, please also support her on Twitter and Instagram.

Check out the photos below!
Let us know if you went to the gig and share your experience with us!

Make sure to check out Bear's Den recent music video for their fantastic song "Dew On The Vine" below.

Bear's Den online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!


Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography: Saar de Graaf | a ticket and photo pass were kindly provided

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