Song Of The Day: "Miss You" by Gabrielle Aplin

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As a music blogger, you know, somebody to writes about music, it's such an interesting thing to watch artists develop as they go.

I enjoy it when artists have a so called "signature sound", but I find it way more interesting and exciting when with every release, you get something new. Even if it's just slightly different, it's still a sign of progress and growth.

You often find people who don't enjoy changes in an artist's music, and of course, it's okay wanting to hear a similar sound - but before you tell the musician that, think of how you've changed over the years.
We all change and so does our way of expressing ourselves.
So let those artists do their thing.

I hope you're excited to dive into today's "Song Of The Day" with me.

- "Miss You" by Gabrielle Aplin -

Gabrielle Aplin is a singer/songwriter based in Brighton, UK originally hailing in from Bath, UK.

Her music is heavily inspired by the Laurel Canyon music area and combines the beauty of folk with the vibes of  pop/rock.
After uploading covers and originals on YouTube the British musician founded her own label Never Fade Records to release her first few EPs.

Then being signed to Parlophone Records Miss Aplin released her debut album "English Rain" in 2013, which is now certified Gold in the UK.
Her second album "Light Up The Dark" presented a more mature and confident sound.

Whilst touring the world, the musician is also hosting the Never Fade Sessions in London, where Gabrielle gives unsigned artists the chance to perform in an intimate and friendly setting.

After a year without new releases, Gabrielle just announced the release of her upcoming EP "Miss You" and already shared the title track with her fans.

"Miss You" is mid-tempo track which confidentally marches into Pop-star town.
The first few notes welcome you in the Aplin manner, before the song takes a turn and breaks into a danceable and lively beat.

Said beat and the recogniseable piano base effortlessly collide into one and allow the vocals to lead you through the track.
Which is great, because Gabrielle's storytelling way of writing lyrics is definitely an important element of the song. It's the main element that lets you connect with the song and gives you the chance to relate to the song.

If "Miss You" were a drink, it would probably be a Pina Colada, served in a fancy glass and topped off with one of those glittery cocktail umbrellas.

Ready to boogie through your room?
Listen to "Miss You" below.

Gabrielle Aplin online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Gabrielle Aplin via KLUTCH


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