Behind The Song: "Blame" by Lio Nicol

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I absolutely love understanding intentions behind art.
Sure, creating art is something organic and a lot of times you can't really explain it.

But a lot of time there's thought behind every word, every chord and every higher note.
And to me that's something incredibly interesting.

That's why the "Behind The Song" feature always gets me really excited.
I have such a great time putting these features together because reading what the artists have to say about their songs, is a lot of fun.

Today we're presenting a song which I think a lot of us can relate to.
Check out our Behind The Song with Lio Nicol!

Lio Nicol is a singer/songwriter based in Burbank, CA.

Her sound combines the rawness of Indie and the catchiness of Pop.
Influenced and inspired by artists such as Lily Allen, Aloe Black, Sara Bareilles and Michael Bublé, it's no surprise to find a lot of honesty, emotions, sass and quirky vibes in Lio's music.

The young songwriter moved to California back in 2010 to pursue a career in music.
Proving it was the right decision, she has now played at The Dragon Boat Festival, Durango Expo, House Of Blues San Diego and a lot more.

Her powerful vocals, relatable lyrics and catchy melodies have managed to impress many music fans.

Her recent release "Blame" tells us a very common story.
The lovely Lio took some time to tell us more about the song and what it means to her.

Check it out!

Lio: "Blame" was written in a garage in San Diego!
The entirety of the song is about one person suddenly realizing their relationship won't ever work and never really did.
And because only one person in the relationship has come to this realization, the other person starts throwing blame; and that's where the line "I'm not the only one to blame" comes in, because it's never a one-way street.

I really do believe in the statement "love is blind", because when you are in-love and constantly looking for the best in someone or something, you are subconsciously refusing to see parts of reality.
But you can only do that for so long, until your gut comes in and is like "YO, what the heck is going on here!"

Once that realization starts to emerge, it's a downward spiral into reality that becomes hard to battle.
You start seeing things clearly, even if you don't want to and it sucks. When that happens to me, I start to retreat and take time for my self, to really think about things.
And that's what the first lines of the song are about;

"Headlights coming towards me.
I still try avoiding
all the things that make it hard to let it go.
Rain drops continue falling,
far off I hear you calling
but I just want to be alone."

The rest of the song takes you through a couple different scenes. The second verse is somewhat of a break-up scene, and the bridge and the end of the song are the scenes where they are finally parting ways.

So yeah! I don't usually like saying too much about a song, but this one is fun to explain, because there are so many different pieces to it and a lot of ways it could be interpreted.
Over all I love this song and I hope everyone finds a meaning of their own in it, regardless of what it means to me.

Listen to "Blame" now:

Lio Nicol online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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