Day 28: Best Of: Performance | #HITSBC16

Hey guys!


Exactly four years ago I created this website.
I know it's a typical thing to say, but it doesn't feel like four years at all.

I have learned so incredibly much about the music industry, about the craft I decided to make mine, the people I work with and I learned a lot about myself.

HITS allows me to meet new people all the time - and because of that I made some wonderful friends.
To be able to combine my love for music, writing and photography into for this website, and then have people check out what I create, is something I'll never stop being grateful for.

Within these years I got to interview some of my favourite artists and bands, got to photograph some brilliant shows, started portrait photography, went on tour with a band, travelled to various cities and countries, shot single and EP covers and somehow managed to never fall out of love with all the madness behind the scenes.

To all the beautiful and talented artists and bands who are a part of four years of HITS,
thank you - this wouldn't be a home for music lovers without you.

To all incredibly skilled and supportive people behind the scenes - you know who you are and you know I adore you.

To all wonderful and lovely readers - you are the reason we can keep going. Seeing you share, read and comment still feels surreal. Thank you for being interested.

I could say a lot more and I'm sure after I hit "publish", I'll think of millions of things I should've said.

But I hope you know that I sincerely feel like the luckiest little cat lady to do this.

To celebrate today the way we should, here are the highlights of all performances we received this year.

Thank you!

To watch the full videos, click the images of your desire and enjoy!

Thank you for your visit!


Credits // Text, Image & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske in cooperation with all artists involved


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