Day 14: Mark Mathews | #HITSBC16

Hey guys!

We're officially halfway through the countdown and I'm running out of intros!
All I ever seem to do is being on an endless loop of cheesy and thankful intros, and well - that's pretty much it.

I'm just very happy that I get to host a project as special as this one, so please bare with me as I send out cheesy words day by day. 

Let's get into today's post!

What is #HITSBC16?
HITSBC16 stands for house in the sand's Birthday Countdown 2016.
Throughout the entire month of February, we will be celebrating this website's fourth birthday.
One artist/band a day is going to wish us a happy birthday and then perform a song exclusively for this sweet occasion.

Who is performing today?
Mark Mathews.
  He is a singer/songwriter originally from Kent, UK who now lives in London, UK. 
His music could be described as indie-pop with a folk twist to it sprinkled with elements of folk-rock.

Inspired by bands such as The Beatles, The Kinks and Oasis he likes to write about "love, going out, getting out of the town or a situation you're in and your mates", so the singer himself.
Mark is always busy shooting videos, writing new tunes and gigging his way through London's streets and bar's.

What is special about this video?
It's Mark performing! A dear friend of HITS!
The countdown wouldn't be the same without Mark's cheerful way of congratulating us.
This performance was recorded looking of gorgeous London and Mark just nailed it with his song!
When it comes to picking a lineup, HITS just knows what to do!

So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy Mark Mathews performing "This Song Is For You" for us!

Where can we find Mark Mathews online?
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Who do we need to thank?
Our absolutely wonderful friend Mark himself.
He is always so involved and so passionate about things and so much fun to work with!
To say it in your words Mark, it's always an honour and a pleasure to have you on HITS!

What can we do now?
If you've enjoyed this article, please help us reach more people by sharing it along with the hashtag #HITSBC16.
Everybody who uses the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram has the chance to win something lovely once the countdown is over.

I hope you enjoyed day 14!

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video (performance): Mark Mathews | Video intro (audio): Martin Kelly | Video intro (visual): Vanessa Jertschewske


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