Song Of The Day: "Fame" by Liam McClair

Hey guys!

I'm sure a lot of you know that music bloggers usually get to hear songs before they are out.
It's a logical part of the industry - it gives us enough time to get to know a song/an EP/an album properly and lets us schedule our reviews.

Usually it's super helpful and of course, as we're all music lovers, it's great to hear new tracks before they are released.

But sometimes it's torture.
Hearing a track before it's released also means that you can't share it with anyone just yet.
And when a song is so good that you just want to share it, that's quite frustrating.

I had that "ughhh" moment when I got to listen to Liam McClair's newest single,
but hey - the torture is over - the song is out today! Hooray!

- Song Of The Day -
"Fame" by Liam McClair

Liam McClair is a singer/songwriter from Manchester, UK.
His sound can be classified as acoustic/folk with raw pop elements.

Most of Liam's recordings are guitar based and vocals focused.
 But you'll still find piano ballads and harmonica instrumentals paired with supportive percussions whilst listening to Liam's repertory.

With strong live performances Liam has convinced crowds all over the UK and even made it to Belgium, Holland and Germany to play his music.
 Music fans from all over the world are drawn to his sound. He has supported acts like Newton Faulkner and Echo & The Bunnymen.

Once you're familiar with Liam's sound, you'll find yourself coming back to it all the time - it's timeless.

Now he's here with his brand new song, "Fame" - and it's SO GOOD.

The song starts off in a calm way, just a soft acoustic guitar, paired with a few moody e-guitar notes.
Soon Liam's voice joins the party and demands your full attention - warm, expressive & inviting vocals are what you get from the singer/songwriter.

Taking an interesting and different approach with this lyrics, Liam tells a story of being a famous person and being overwhelmed with said fame. It makes you think you're listening to a celebrities diary being read out loud.

Full instrumentation kicks in and gives the song more depth and grip - both, drums and bass work together in a powerful, yet subtle way.
The howling e-guitar returns from time to time and plays an important part in the song.

Even though the song has a slower pace to it, it's anything but dull.
Liam McClair has managed to record yet another fantastic track, which is going to turn you into a huge fan.
Embrace it!

Listen to "Fame" below:

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Liam McClair online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Liam McClair


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