EP Review: "Don't Kill My Vibe" by Sigrid

Hey guys!

Last year I couldn't get over the amount of fantastic releases we've been given in the course of the year.
This year is no different.

We have already been up on our feet, dancing to the funky DNCE and relaxing to the beautifully calming Mighty Oaks.
Music is a piece of art we are always going to need in our lives, so it's important to celebrate the exciting releases those fantastic acts put out there.

Today we get to chat about an artist you don't want to miss out on - Sigrid.

Artist: Sigrid
Title: Don't Kill My Vibe
Genre: Pop
Label: Island Records
Release Date: 5th May 2017

Sigrid is a singer/songwriter originally from a tiny place in Norway.
At the age of 18, she moved to Bergen, Norway and quickly became a part of Bergen's music scene.

Her bold and modern pop sound is shaking up the industry, one day at a time.
Now signed to Universal Music, the young musician is hyped as one of the most exciting break through acts of 2017.

"Righty so?" you might be wondering, well - find out by checking out her debut EP, "Don't Kill My Vibe".

1) Don't Kill My Vibe
2) Plot Twist
3) Fake Friends
4) Dynamite (Acoustic)

The EP greets you with the title track, "Don't Kill My Vibe" - an anthem suitable for everyone.
Starting off calmy in the verse, the song gives you enough time to sink into the depth of it.

 A powerful build-up in the chorus gets you dancing like there's no tomorrow.
Sigrid's vocals guide you through the track and go hand in hand with the instrumentals- the calm and deeper notes in the verses seem carefully placed, whilst the raspy and energetic vocals in the chorus show what Sigrid is capable of.
In case you're looking for a sassy Summer anthem - "Don't Kill My Vibe" is your jam!

Another great track on the EP is "Fake Friends".
Sounding a little more indie in the beginning, the song takes you on a journey of sounds, reaching its highest point in the chorus with a danceable beat and layered vocals.
"Fake Friends" is another track which seems to present all of Sigrid's vocal range - from high notes, to smokey and super expressive tones- she's got it all, and knows how to use it.

To tie things in neatly, we have "Dynamite", the last track of the EP.
It's a stunning piano based ballad with a very emotional and melancholic feeling to it.
The young musician sounds as delicate and vulnerable in the most hautingly beautiful way possible.

To sum it up: This four-track EP is enough evidence to prove that Sigrid has an enormous amount of facettes, which we cannot wait to hear more of. 2017 is going to be a loud year for Sigrid - make sure to keep an eye and ear on her.

You should listen to these tunes: Fake Friends, Dynamite

Check out Sigrid's beautiful performance of "Dynamite" below:

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Sigrid (via Island Records)


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