EP Review: "The Recall" by John Thacker

Hey guys!

Personally, one of the coolest things I get to experience with house in the sand, is being able to see artists grow.
Everyone grows as a person, and if you have a creative job, your art is most likely to grow as well.

It's so exciting to see everyone around me work so incredibly hard to be constantly improving.

Today I get to review an EP by an artist I have seen work hard to take things to another level, so make sure to check out his latest work.

Artist: John Thacker
Title: The Recall
Genre: Pop, Alternative
Label: Independent
Release Date: 12th May 2017

John Thacker is a musician from Manchester, UK.
His sound varies from Acoustic to Pop and back to Alternative - with hints of R'n'B and Electronic.

John's music is very autobiographical and very relatable, which is a quality you want to find in a musician.
In 2015, John released his debut EP "Hear" which, unlike most EPs, included 12 tracks.

After building himself a loyal fanbase over the years, he is now here with a new EP, "The Recall"
 - so let's check it out!

1) Stories / Intro
2) Control (ft. Tony Jaxx)
3) You Want Me
4) Be Alright
5) My Words: Bedroom Diary, 2015 / Interlude
6) Anybody (live)

Opener track "Stories / Intro" welcomes you with electrifying, yet gentle beats and spacey elements.
John's voice guides you through the track- it demands your attention, but is still calming enough to not drown you.
If you have been a listener of John's for a while, you'll quickly notice the differences in his new material - and you'll embrace it.

"You Want Me" is going to get you on your feet - slowly, but surely.
The build-up in the verse is tastefully done and prepares you to launch into the chorus which is carried by danceable beats.
It's a catchy, up-tempo track which is definitely goint to find its way onto some Summer playlists.

"Be Alright" calms you down with a slightly souly R'n'B vibe.
  It convinces with less beats and more depth. The gentle raspiness in John's voice works hand in hand with the instrumentation.
This track is one that's best listened to when you can just sit down and focus on all the little details in it.

To sum it up: There are no doubts - John has grown a lot as a musician and presented a more mature piece of art with this EP.
You'll find lots of different elements on "The Recall"; it's an EP which takes you to different places and different memories - all within just six tracks.

You should listen to these tracks: Stories, Be Alright

Check out John's acoustic performance of "Stories" below:

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: John Thacker


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