Song Of The Day: "Backyard Deck" by The Lunar Year

Hey guys!

No matter what is going on, I know one thing for sure:
good music will always keep me going, when it comes to writing.

Nothing inspires me more than hearing a powerful song, and feeling the immediate need to write about it.
It's one of the best feelings as a writer and I'm so thankful for all the bands and solo acts who provide me with that kind of music I need.

Today I get to share one of those magical songs with you.

Song Of The Day:
- "Backyard Deck" by The Lunar Year -

The Lunar Year are an indie-rock band from Philadelphia, USA.

The band are:
Katie Burke (vocals, piano)
Steve Heine (guitar, vocals)
Zach McCaw (bass)
Kevin Walker (drums)

The origins of the band's sound can be traced back to singer&songwriter Katie's childhood, which was shaped by multiple acts and genres.
With a love for The Beatles, Billy Joel and The Beach Boys, but also a huge interest in the Classical and Romantic era, the band's style is very open minded.

You'll find honest and personal lyrics, as well as relatable stories in The Lunar Year's repertoire.

Their single "Porcelain", aka the most beautiful song you've heard in a while, has reached over 145,000 streams on Spotify so far.

To give us a taster of their upcoming album "Herodias" which will be out on June 16th, The Lunar have just released their latest single "Backyard Deck".
Some people are blessed with voices that just touch you immediately.
The Lunar Year's singer Katie is definitely one of those people, and "Backyard Deck" is going to prove my point to you.

A charming and gentle piano greets you in the beginning of the song and stays by your side like a good friend would.

Katie's vocals vary from deep and calm, to high, yet strong notes. You'll hang onto every word being sung; and you'll find yourself carefully listening to the song unfolding itself.

The bass plays an important part, giving the song a lot of depth and power.
Guitar and drums work together hand in hand and breathe a lot of indie-rock life into the song.

"Backyard Deck" is one of those songs you should listen to, no matter what kind of genre you are into.

Watch the video for the song now:

The Lunar Year online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: The Lunar Year


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