Behind The Song: "Light & Sound" by Emily Keener

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Today we get to learn more about a fantastic song by the fabulous Emily Keener.
Please let me introduce you to her!

Behind The Song:
- "Light & Sound" by Emily Keener -

Emily Keener is a singer/songwriter from Wakeman, Ohio (USA).
Her sound combines classic singer/songwriter elements with modern pop elements, highlighting Emily's unique and expressive voice.

The young musician started playing the guitar at the age of 11 and started writing her own songs shortly after.
Her love for music kept her going and by now Emily has released four EPs and two albums, her latest being LP "Breakfast".

In 2016 Emily found herself on Season 10 of The Voice, where she made it to the Top 12 on Team Pharell.
Today I'm super excited for you to find out more about her most recent single "Light & Sound", which I'm very sure you'll enjoy.

Emily about "Light & Sound":

"I wrote "Light & Sound" in June of 2016, and it set the tone for a prolific summer. I was basically living at the studio house attached to Waveburner Recording and remember being pretty thrilled to have a bunch of sweet guitars and mics all over the place.
Noah Heyman, Dalton Brand and I were knee deep in recording and producing my new LP, "Breakfast", and getting ready for my first post-Voice live show.

Life was super weird and overwhelming when I got home and I just wanted to write something to help me lighten up. I started conjuring up some characters in my mind; beginning with George, a jaded suit on a continuous ego trip. When I finished that first verse, I decided to stick with the office theme. I was imagining what it would be like to be working in a controlled environment (the opposite of what I'm used to). Each verse is an observation of a different co-worker, and each person is equally stuck in their cyclical ways.

Originally, the song had a vintage feel and was based arounda rhythm guitar part. None of us were feeling it enough to put it on the record, until Noah exchanged the guitar part for some rhythmic synth stuff. It gave it more energy and more space at the same time. I had a blast arranging the vocals and I loved watching the track evolve into its rightful state!
The chorus was just my way of simplifying my feelings:
"Oh, I'm watching it all go down
If it's not in my mind
It's all just Light & Sound"

When I wasn't stuck in my own head and finding chaos there, I was finding a constant slew of spotlights, cameras, big decisions, and people in my face. It was all so fun, and a big part of me loved it, but I was needing a breather. Being able to express that musically and sing it lightheartedly was a good way to let it all go!"

Check out the music video for "Light & Sound" below! 

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Emily Keener online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text intro: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & text about song: Emily Keener


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