Video Premiere: "Banshees" by Pamela Hute

Hey guys!

Don't you think music is a magical thing?
I mean.. what exactly is music?
It's melodies and rhythms, lyrics and harmonies, beats and riffs.
It's something which moves millions and millions of people every single day.

It's something we can only hear. We can't touch it. But it touches us.
It's art. And it can be definied in thousands of different ways.

I guess, it's magic.

And today, as per usual, house in the sand gets to share some magic with you.

Video Premiere: "Banshees" by Pamela Hute

Pamela Hute is a musician from Paris, France.
Pin-pointing her sound is like taming a lion- it's rather difficult.
She dances somewhere inbetween Electronic, Pop, Post-Punk and Rock and makes this mixture work beautifully.

Her love for music has been present for her entire life and early on she formed a band, in which she played until 2006.
Soon after that she started her solo career which has proven to be exactly the right path to take.

In 2010 her autobiographical debut album "Turtle Tales From Overseas" convinced the critics and pleased Pamela's loyal fanbase.

With two band mates, Igor Bolender on snythesisers and Ernest Lo on drums, Pamela got to play some of Frances most important stages.

Follow-up album "Bandit" was presented to the world in 2013.
Ever since then, the musician expanded her band and has shared her third longplayer "Highline" in February 2017.

"Highline" is inspired by her travels and has turned her sound into a fairytale of Pop and Indie.

And today we are extremely excited to share Pamela Hute's brand new music video for "Banshees" with you.
If I had to sum it up in three words, I'd say: artistic, expressive and sparkly.
Those are some great words, right?

As we are hosting the German premiere of the music video, you are some of the first people to check out "Banshees".

Watch it here!

Buy/stream the album: physical | digital

Pamela Hute online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Pamela Hute


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