Game Premiere: "Colin: The Chicken & The Egg" by Bella Loka

Hey guys!

When was the last time you played a video game?
I think it's honestly been years since I have.
But I loved it! The thrill of deciding which path your character was going to take, figuring out the storyline, costumizing the action - wasn't it fun?

Well, at least that was the case until I got to check out Bella Loka's most recent project.

Let me tell you more about the band the exciting premiere we get to host today.

Bella Loka are an electronic indie pop duo based in London, UK.
Members Tea and David Boothby have been making music together for years.

Their upcoming debut album ("The Light, The Mud & The Dark", out April 28th) has been a long time in the making and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.

In order to shorten the wait; singer, songwriter and video producer Tea created "an interactive YouTube-based choose-your-own-adventure graphic novel based around two anti-heroes called Colin & The Blue Minor, in a story called Colin: The Chicken & The Egg."
The entire tale was written and animated by Tea herself and is soundtracked by Bella Loka's upcoming music.

With the video series being an actual homage to classic 80s/90s pop culture, I cannot wait for you to have a go.
I know that a lot of you are my age and a bit older, so I think we can all appreciate a bit of nostalgia paired with the excitement of controlling the characters. 

To start the game, you just have to check out the video below - it's going to lead you to the start of the adventure which you will then get to make your own.

I advice you to take some time to check it out properly.
I had the best time making the decisions and watching the story unfold.
Make sure to tell me your "end results" - I'd love to hear about them.

Have fun!!!

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Bella Loka online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit! 

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Bella Loka


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