Best Of 2015: Videos

Hey guys!

It looks like I'm just writing the last post for 2015, a very special year.

It didn't become wonderful over night, and there were shitty moments just like there will always be.
But for house in the sand things have worked out very well.

The website got to celebrate many highlights such as our 600th post, starting to work with major labels, going on tour, meeting incredible artists and most importantly - seeing our audience grow.

When you set yourself goals, which is something I always do, you also start dreaming.
 One of my dreams is it to be an influence in music. I know this can sound big headed, but it's really not. I want to be able to share music I think that should be shared. I want to be able to make other people find music they love. And I want to help out those who deserve it.

2015 showed that I can. And that's because there is an audience who reads my articles, who watches my videos and gives the music I love a chance.
Of course I enjoy it very much when someone compliments my work. (Who doesn't enjoy that?)
But the nicest thing you can say to me is that you found a new act you love listening to because of me.

I grew a lot as a person in 2015 and I learned so much because of house in the sand.
I learned how to work with different types of people, I learned a lot more about technical things, I started to love being behind and in front of a video camera.
And I learned that if one person might not work with you, you'll find at least 5 others who want to.

So in honour of a year which taught me a lot, here's our BEST OF 2015 video.
I know it's very long but I wanted to have it done like this.

Imagining that I'll have this video when I'm old makes me happy.

I hope you'll enjoy watching and I can't thank you enough for showing interest in house in the sand.

Video list:

One Million Special: Outtakes

Again, thank you for a beautiful year online.
Thank you for spending time with me and thank you for support music.

Have a wonderful time and see you in 2016! :)

Lots of love,

Credits // Text, Image & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske


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