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Hey guys!

I think music is a very powerful thing.
Most of the times that I listen to music, I care about the lyrics. Sometimes they're the make it or break it factor for me.

But sometimes there are those days where you've already cared about too many things, those days you feel a bit overwhelmed by whatever you're dealing with. And at least I find it nice to let something distract me when I'm having one of those days.

Just recently I felt a bit down because of something blog related and I found so much comfort in listening to the songs below, so I decided to throw them into a playlist.

Maybe some of you are having some moments where they just want to relax and I think I've got the right music for you!


"Holocene" - Bon Iver
I've first heard this song as a part of a soundtrack I got to review.
There's something about the chord progression that calms me down and makes me enjoy this song so much. I find so much comfort in this song and really cherish it.

"Safe In My Arms" - Tom Crouch
Even though I just found out about this song about a week ago, it has to be on this playlist. Tom's vocals are incredibly powerful, but they're still very calming. The way the guitar accompanies and duets with the vocals is arranged so beautifully.

"Wrong Directions" - Martin and James
This song has been a part of my life for the last five years. It's the song the line "I'll build my house in the sand until the waves knock it down" comes from, and as weird as it might sound - this song feels like a home to me. It's probably my number one comfort song.

"High Hopes" - Kodaline
Kodaline and their harmonies - talk about soothing voices. Don't get me wrong, I love their upbeat tracks (I really do!) but this one is a classic and so is this performance.

"Helplessly Hoping" - Crosby, Stills & Nash
When I'm having a rough day, the first thing I do is putting my Crosby, Stills & Nash vinyl on. You can't imagine the pure joy it brings to me! I highly recommend listening to this band if you're one of my younger readers who might not know about them yet.

"Now" - Ben Barritt
Ben Barritt gigs are probably my favourite gigs to just get comfortable and enjoy music at its' fullest. Ben's musical arrangements are on point and let you dive into his music in such enchanting way. This song is his first song I heard live and I hope you check it out.

"Your Lips" - Josh Savage
Talk about soothing! Even though this song is a rather sad song, it still really calms me down. Josh's voice is incredible and the combination of the strong drums in contrast with the delicate strings is just absolutely gorgeous.

"Home" - Gabrielle Aplin
The melody of this song does make it feel like home. There's something so familiar, something so powerfully soothing about this song. And the harmonies in this performance just seem to hug you as a listener.

"Left For America" - Ciaran Lavery
When I heard this song live just recently, I realised how comfortable it makes me feel. Put this on, get a cosy blanket and enjoy.

"Stop This Train" - John Mayer
John Mayer, a hero for comfort songs. When I was moving flats, things got so chaotic and busy that his live album was on repeat to calm me down. I just love his guitar work.

"Cherry Wine" - Hozier
Whilst most of Hozier's song have the opposite effect on me, this one is a real diamond in the see of calm songs.

"Weightless" - Tommy Reilly
I think when I'm looking for soothing songs, I care a lot about light instruments. Tommy Reilly offers those with beautiful vocals on top. What a treat!

"Waiting For The Gods" - Jim Kroft
I'm lucky to call this artist a dear friend of mine who's helped me through some rough minutes with his words and wisdom. His music has been part of so many different stages of my last four years and it's always a go to when I need comfort.

"Northern Lights" - Ryan O'Reilly
Harmonies are an incredibly soothing thing. This song gave me the chills when I first heard it live and immediately made it onto my comfort songs playlist.

"Called On" - Hudson Taylor
If you ever get the chance to see Hudson Taylor live, go and take it! Until then, listen to their music and find hope that there are still some quality acoustic/folk duos out there.

"Stay Tonight" - Tom Odell
I remember Tom's speech before performing this song at one of his gigs. He shyly said "I'm not a good guitar player, but I really like playing this song. I hope you forgive me for my bad playing." And I was prepared for a rather disappointing performance, and then this happened. Beautiful.

"Eggshells" - Rachel Sermanni
Had the pleasure to do a little skype interview with this talented lady after falling in love with her gorgeous music. I mean... those vocals! Comfort level: 120!

"The Boxer" - Simon and Garfunkel
Whenever I edit gig photographs, I put my Simon and Garfunkel vinyls on. I don't know why but it became a little tradition which I love a lot. It's a very positive experience!

"Lego House" - Ed Sheeran
Yeah, Ed Sheeran is the master of soothing acoustic songs. We can't deny that and we embrace it! This song is gorgeous and I could probaly listen to it on repeat for days. Or weeks.

And that's my comfort songs playlist! I really hope you enjoyed this and that you'll come back to this when you need some comfort in form of songs.

Please feel free to share your personal comfort songs with me in the comments or on Twitter/Facebook. I'd love to listen to them!

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske | Videos via YouTube


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