Introducing HITS photographer: Alex Lloyd

Hey guys!

Today's post is one of those posts I didn't think I'd write at this point.
I'm going to keep it short and sweet and just say it:

We have a photographer for HITS!

So, those of you who know the blog well, know that I've been running this blog by myself ever since I started it.
 A lot of you like the personal touch I add to my posts and I think it's what makes HITS special.

The thought of adding writers and photographers to the team has been on my mind for a while but I was scared that it would mean losing the special personal vibe.
The amount of work I have and invitations to gigs and festivals, in places I can't visit, is massive and it's always frustrating when I can't take those opportunities.

As fate would have it a music photographer messaged me, asking if he could shoot for house in the sand.
After checking out his work, a rather sleepless night overthinking and a chat with said photographer, I decided to let him contribute to HITS.

The photographer I'm talking about is Alex Lloyd, a very taletend photographer with a refreshing style.
He's based in Liverpool, UK which means he'll be covering gigs in the Liverpool and Manchester area.
It's the perfect area for HITS since a lot of our dear readers are from the UK, so this website can now come closer to you guys.

With that being said, I'm very convinced that house in the sand will stay as personal but with more dynamic.
I'm looking forward to Alex' and my first collaboration which will happen next month.

To introduce Alex to you, I've asked him some questions which he answered.

How did you get into music photography?
 I fell into music photography quite accidentally. I bought myself a Canon 600d with no idea what I’d use it for (It was on sale, and being am impulse buyer I instantly bought it).
My friend’s band were playing a show and I thought it would be interesting if I tried to shoot it. My images from the show were awful but I instantly fell in love with shooting concerts.
 I love the idea that you can capture a moment in a show and share it online, and that will make people want to go to one of their shows, as well as just capturing special moments onstage. 
I also love that it’s allowed me to meet many other like-minded people who I wouldn’t have otherwise met!

Do you have a funny gig story for us?

At Liverpool Music Week in 2014, I applied for a photo pass, and I turned up and they had me down for an AAA pass! I had complete free roam of the event to shoot/go where I liked, and I got to watch CHVRCHES’ sound check! Another would be AWOLNATION at the O2 Academy Liverpool, I’d returned from a trip to Iceland the same day and was so exhausted I started falling asleep in the photo pit! Not my best decision, to say the least.

Which gigs did you enjoy covering the most?

 I loved covering Taylor Swift at the Manchester Arena back in June this year, as we were put into the VIP crowd area so it was quite hectic, especially as we only got 2 songs to shoot! The images I got from the show are some of my favourite that I’ve taken.
 I also loved Foxes at the Manchester Academy, as there were 12 people in a pit designed for around 5 people! Liverpool International Music Festival 2015 was also very fun, as we were given our own VIP area in between acts! 

What music do you love?
Some of my favourite artists are Gabrielle Aplin, Foxes, Paramore, Tove Lo, Taylor Swift, Disclosure, Tinashe, Years and Years, CHVRCHES and Rae Morris to name a few! (No way I could just pick one or two!)
My favourite album of all time has to be English Rain by Gabrielle Aplin, as every single track on there is perfect, and sounds even better live, and my all time favourite song is Last Hope by Paramore, for reasons which will become obvious when you listen to it!

So there you go, I highly recommend taking the time to look at his Social Media.
Please welcome our new photographer! :)

Alex Lloyd online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography & Answers: Alex Lloyd


  1. Yay that is a huge thing (and awesome!) Welcome Alex!

    1. Thank you, so glad you get that it's a huge thing for HITS! And even happier you think it's awesome!
      Alex happens to be a genius with cameras!


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